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Soul Alignment Intensive

6 Week 1:1 Intimate Coaching to Ditch the Hustle & Create From Soul Again


Are you a high achiever, feeling like this right now?

Do you feel like you've been hustling so hard like no one's business? You're tired. Been there. You're burnt out. Done that.

What happened to when people said business was easy and fun? Where's the fun? And the ease?

Are you looking over to model another coach, influencer, or entrepreneur that you admire?

Do you feel like you need to live your life like your friends' on Facebook or Instagram? Say exactly what they say? Do exactly what they say?

Do you constantly feel stifled, afraid to speak your truth, and waiting for permission to do the next thing?

Are you feeling like you need to live your life according to someone else's (your parents, friends, etc.) rules?

Girl, that's not the authentic, real, MOST SOULFUL you.

Beneath that layer of "I want her life", there is a bigger you, a deeper you!

There's a deeper soul calling.

There's an intense desire.

There's a deeper voice.

You're not here to impress anyone.

You're not here to model after anyone.

You're here to be the TRUEST YOU so that others can be the TRUEST THEM!

You are here to shine your light.

And it's not hard to be just that.

Life is easy. We just insist on making it hard.

Actually, let me rephrase that. Our ego insists on making it hard!

Our soul and intuition is eager to speak up, be heard, and have a voice at the table!

Once you come back home to soul, your life gets to be easy, fun, and full of flow!

Now imagine this...

Everywhere you go, the stars just align.

When you feel anxious and stressed, you randomly attract the right energy healer. Experienced that.

When you want to live a chic and carefree life, you attract luxury self-care retreats that replenishes and nourishes your soul!

Everyone you attract into your life (your partner, your coach, your clients, and even your acupuncturist) is soul-aligned!

Of course, now you know what your heart truly desires, girl!

When you radiate from the soul, you get what you want because those people can see that's it's truly you they're receiving.

When you're in alignment with your soul, you'll stop comparing yourself to others, asking for permission to start or do something, seeking validation, nor questioning your self-worth.

Because all your energy is ALIGNED! It's all fun! It's you!

Life flows through you. You create life. You live life. You are life!

I'm offering a short-term coaching package, 6 weeks of 1:1 coaching with me. This 5-star VIP experience includes...

  • 3 bi-weekly coaching calls (30 minutes each) on Zoom

  • Unlimited Voxer messaging - we can start chatting immediately!

  • The best recommendations on books, tools, and resources for your situation

  • Personalized journaling prompts

I'm ready to welcome you into this with open arms when you're ready to create a more soul-aligned life with true and loving intention for your future.



only $1111!

** Only 5 spots available!

Payment plans are available upon request!

It's $5000 to coach with me for 3 months right now! So if you've been thinking of hanging out with me, take this chance upon you!

Bonus! And when you enroll today, you get access to my free Soul Journaling prompts ebook! Valued at $55!


01// Do I need a business to work with you?

Absolutely not! Your soul alignment sessions with me aren't about business coaching. We look at your soul's desires, your lifestyle, your thoughts, your feelings, your subconscious, your limiting beliefs and your daily actions to see what's out of alignment. Sometimes, it could be something in your business, but sometimes it's not. Either way, we're doing the soul work, not the strategy work.

02// I'm a personal brand and small business. Will this Soul Alignment Intensive work for me?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, I was just there not too long ago. When I first started my business, I constantly felt out of alignment with myself. I was here. And there was my business. And I was constantly wondering how amazing it would be to merge those two! And when you're a personal brand, influencer, or coach, you ARE your business! So when you don't know who you are... this makes your work and your business really hard!

03// I've never coached with you before! How does it feel like?

Very casual and fun! I don't really like to structure my calls too much and I allow you to share what's going on in your mind, heart, and soul. Then I'll offer my insights and soul downloads for you to see if you resonate. I never push anything on you because I know it's suppose to align with your soul, not mine.


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