Soul Alignment Intensive

1:1 Coaching to come back home to soul and re-ignite your creativity and passion, find your flow, and follow your soul’s callings!


Hey beauty! I’m just gonna be real and honest with you here.


Maybe you've been wondering what your deeper purpose here on earth is. You’ve been reading spiritual books and following spiritual mentors and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

You've heard phrases like "the universe has your back" and "you create your own reality."

You're beginning to "wake up", become more conscious because you know there is more to life than chasing society's or what your parents' version of what success is.

You're becoming more curious about all thing spiritual!! What are crystals and how do they heal me? Which crystal should I buy first? Rose quartz? Amethyst? Or something less basic and more unique?

You crave a deeper meaning in your life — and you know there is something deeper!

You know there is way more to life than what meets the eye.

You have a desire for deeper connection with your inner self and with the cosmic universe.

You feel like you can tap into your highest self right now and it knows something, but you're not quite sure if this is the right feeling.

You've been there, trying to chase success and income goals, one after another, but you know it’s not enough anymore. You can’t lie to yourself anymore and you know that making money doesn’t make you feel a deep sense of purpose.

You've lived most of your life trying to get approval, validation and people-please to get accepted by people you might not even care about (let's just be real and honest here).

Are you ready to create soul success in your life from the inside out? Imagine being able to live the life of your wildest dreams where you...

Build and maintain peaceful and beautiful relationships with your family and friends

Upgrade your vitality and energy not only for your work but also ample energy to take a hot yoga class 3x week, lounge on the poolside while sipping on a cocktail with high vibe friends, or go to Disneyland and have a magical day like a child again

Feel connected to the universe and always feel supported in your aligned decisions and that you’re cosmic stardust

You're always attracting greater levels of abundance even when you're not hustling, working hard, or chasing goals

Dance to the own beat of your drum, be able to travel whenever you want, solo, with a partner; take a self-care retreat or go on a thrilling adventure

Fully live and embrace your inner free spirit and have time, creative, location, and emotional freedom to explore your one and only bold and beautiful life

Are you ready to go to the next level?

Reaching soul success is all about opening up yourself to greater levels of abundance, allowing yourself to receive, and taking time and commitment to exploring your mind, body and soul from within.

Once you're open to listening to your heart and soul, you'll realize that the only person that's truly stopping you from receiving love and abundance is yourself. You're the only person that's in your way.

When you allow yourself to receive, you'll stop the hustling, pushing and grinding. Because lots of time people love us, but we don't allow others to support us and we end up creating a wall between the world and ourselves.


  • Get to the core of who you really are and what you’re meant to do here so that you can unleash your divine feminine goddess and be able to sit back and be open to receive

  • Connect and re-align the life-changing work you do with purpose and soul

  • Release limiting beliefs that hold you back from living the life of your wildest dreams

  • Upgrade your vibration and energy to one that helps you manifest the life you desire

  • Understand how certain laws of the universe work that gives you meaning to what you’ve manifested up until now and how you can harness these laws to manifest a beautiful life

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to one that serves you most abundant path to soul success

  • Remove the deep layers of who you beneath those years of societal and parental conditioning so that you can uncover your most authentic, best self!


Life isn't meant to be an uphill battle. I get to choose. Always. Always. And always.

Magic happens when I have the courage to tap into my soul desires and say "NO" to anything that no longer serves me.

I always have the courage to decide to come back home to soul.

And to create with purpose.

I live my life for myself and not for anyone else.

I say "yes" to alignment.

I say yes to soul success.

I Say yes to unleashing my most authentic self.

To unlock the life that I'm truly meant to live.

Create a life where you're truly living it for yourself.

Becoming the most authentic version of yourself.

Shine your light unapologetically.

Speak your truth with flow.

Life is a vacation from the inside out. So let's start living yours today.

Here's what you get when you coach with me:

  • UNLIMITED 1:1 Voxer voice note coaching (can start immediately)

  • PERSONALIZED soul journaling prompts

  • EXCLUSIVE recommendations to books, recommendations, oracle card decks, crystals, etc.

  • OPTIONAL bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls upon request (50 minutes)

    There are two different tracks you can choose from:

  • The 6 week track to clean up a few things in your life

  • The 12 week track to do a complete overhaul of your life

YOUR INVESTMENT for 6 weeks is

only $1111!

YOUR INVESTMENT for 12 weeks is

only $2222!

Payment plans are available upon request!

Soul-Aligned Bonus! And when you enroll today, you get access to my free Soul Journaling prompts ebook (value $55) and my signature course, Come Back Home to Joy! (value $444)


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