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Escape the 9-5 Jail,

Step Into Your Inner CEO Girl, & Become the New Rich Online!


Do you feel like this is you currently?

  • You dread going into work on a Monday morning at your office job and you wonder how long it will be until you can escape that 9-5 jail life

  • You feel like your creative ideas, self-expression, and inner truth are all being completely shut down and wasted working for a boss who doesn’t get that you have a higher purpose to serve in this world

  • But launching a business and stepping into the fear of the unknown is totally daunting… let alone you’re who wondering who are you to be your own boss and make sales.

  • You’ve started your business but you’re confused, overwhelmed AF, and spinning on the hamster wheels, checking out what other people are doing, looking to Facebook groups for permission, directions, and validation

  • You’re spinning in your head, heaving out a huge sigh wondering how to stand out in a sea of amazing people who are killing it in their niche already. Does the Internet really need another coach or service like the one I have to offer?

“We actually broke down everything that I have to do from my biggest goals to the smallest tasks. Now all I have to do is follow the plan without stress. I loved coaching with Judy. Her insights were so awesome and now I no longer have to run around in circles in my head.”


Laurie, Entrepreneur

But you really want a different reality, one where you...

  • You have a soul-aligned business and life where you can truly spend more time and have a light-hearted dinner with your family and the “smoked salmon, eggs benedict” brunch with friends

  • You are so grateful to wake up to serve your beautiful clients in a way that also speaks your inner truth

  • You have a separate bank account with you with fun money to spend on luxuries like high vibe crystals or that Charlotte Tilsbury bronzer duo because it’s the same one Hollywood stars use and we only live ONCE

  • You can afford to treat your mom to dinner with love for her birthday, Mother’s Day, and even all the holidays if you wish

  • Take a self-care retreat to an exotic island of your choice every year to supercharge your body, energy, and love for your gorgeous self

    And all this is possible…


if you dare to dream big, have the passion to serve, and believe in a dash of magic!

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I’m a Manifestation +  Success Coach. I gave up the stable paycheck and wonderful benefits of my 9-5 to follow my purpose, pursue my dreams and a freedom lifestyle. With my major in Psychology (Cognitive Sciences), entrepreneurial experience working for a digital marketing tech startup, now I empower spiritual entrepreneurs to step into their NEXT LEVEL YOU, start and grow a business that’s aligned with their inner truth so that they can manifest a creative, free, and rich life!

I’m a dreamer, planner, and doer and it’s no coincidence that I currently use two planners AND Trello! I’m always dreaming of my next traveling destination with an emphasis on the exotic island views and acai bowls. I use to play make-believe CEO when I was a kid and see what I do now? This manifestation stuff works like magic!

And I’m here to help you create this reality together.

And at the end of our coaching experience, you’ll get to…


    • Release self-limiting beliefs and money blocks so that you can attract ideal clients you truly want to serve

    • Unlock and step into an abundant mindset so that you manifest ALL THE THINGS you want UNAPOLOGETICALLY

    • Let go of all fears so that you can transform vulnerability into an authentic personal brand

    • Shift your energy from employee to CEO girl


    • Manifest a purpose-driven business that serves your ideal clients but also aligns with your deepest desires, dream lifestyle, and inner truth

    • Get crystal clear on your goals and what you truly want from your business and life so that you start off in the right direction and don’t spend time doing busy work; most people live by society’s expectations, believing that what they “should” do is all that’s possible for them

    • Make intuitive decisions like a boss so that you’re not always spinning on your wheels following expert after expert, reading blog post after blog post, taking course after course, yet still wondering why you’re not getting anywhere except feeling overwhelmed AF. Because no one is paying you to do that!

    • Design your day from a place of wonderful intention that helps you GET. THINGS. DONE. every day so that you can spend more time with family and friends as well as take that hot yoga class!


    • Set up your online presence, including website and social media accounts and BRAND YOU

    • Grow an engaged online tribe even if you have a small following and audience

    • Define your niche and craft irresistible offers so that your ideal clients can’t wait to buy from you

    • Create and share your story brand every day on social media so that you stand out from the sea of coaches and new entrepreneurs who are hustling for their next client

    • Create branded content for all social media channels that attracts your targeted audience with little effort.

    • Learn to create and repurpose content like a PRO because who has time to write new articles for each social media platform every day? You’re the CEO, not an employee remember?

    • Craft your story and get visible AF so that you can share your message with the rest of the world

I would recommend everyone to Judy; she's intentional with her words and feedback and genuinely cares. She wants to see you succeed!

-Josie, Entrepreneur

So what will you get as a VIP client?
3-month package:

  • 9 50-minute coaching calls on Zoom (we meet the first 3 weeks of each month)

  • Unlimited email support

  • A weekly action plan

  • My best resources, tools, and recommendations for your situation

  • Personalized journaling prompts

  • Free audits on your social media platforms, posts, and website

    pay in full $3000


    payment plan $3333

    ($1111/each month)

    And because of popular demand, I’m offering you a delicious bonus too!

  • Unlimited Voxer (voice message) support during our time together so that you can feel fully heard and supported

  • Access to all my digital courses, masterclass, and digital products that I launch during the time we work together

    and who isn’t right for this program

  • Lazy and uncommitted people who aren’t willing to put in the work (Eww!)

  • Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and not willing to put in the time, energy, and financial investment (Ugh!)

    If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking, “Okay awesome, Judy! I’m ready! How do I work with you?”

    Because the only girl who will get what she wants is the one who has the courage to declare that it’s HERS!

    Because my time is valuable, only serious, paying clients will get a response.

I could really see her strong professionalism and her interest in the subject as she was easily fired up when talking about mindset.

At the same time, the conversation always flowed easily between us. I could easily trust her knowing that the story of my life was being revealed. Also, she made no judgments which obviously is very important in a session with a coach. I very much appreciate the work, patience, and understanding that she was demonstrated.


Celine, Entrepreneur & Speaker


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