Ditch the 9-5 Hustle.

Launch Your Freedom Business. Live the Luxe Chic & Carefree Life!


Do you feel like this is you currently?

  • You dread going into your office job on a Monday morning after scrolling through Instagram wondering when you can hand in your resignation letter and finally run a business where you’re getting paid to be you!

  • You feel like you don’t have anything to offer the world and you’re totally not ready to step outside your comfort zone because you need support, guidance, and accountability from someone who has been there and done that

  • You’ve done all the free trainings, taken a few social media marketing courses, and perhaps even hired a coach, but you’re still not attracting the clients. You’re not bringing in the cash flow. After a few days of going at it, you lose momentum and hit the same wall again.

  • You’ve been working in your business on the evenings but you’re confused, overwhelmed AF, and spinning on the hamster wheels so you start checking out what other people are doing, looking to Facebook groups for permission, directions, and validation.

  • You’re spinning in your head, heaving out a huge sigh wondering how to stand out in a sea of amazing people who are killing it in their niche already. Does the Internet really need another coach or service like the one I have to offer?

  • You’re working as hard as you can and you’re being paid by the hour. After you pay your bills, you have no money left over for the little luxuries like Chloe handbag, a membership to the modern and hip yoga studio, or a pampering self-care retreat to an island that makes your soul re-energerized...

Before working with Judy, I was completely overwhelmed and all over the place without a sense of direction. She helped me realize the importance of self-love and that I can’t help others from an empty tank. But the most amazing thing was that we actually broke down everything that I have to do from my biggest goals down to the smallest tasks. Now all I have to do is follow the plan without stress. She’s insightful and saw blind spots I couldn’t see. I no longer have to run around in circles in my head.


Laurie, Entrepreneur

But i know you’re meant for more. i mean we all only live once so we want want to live our most luxe chic and carefree life.

align with your higher self and imagine this for a moment…

  • Quit your 9-5 hustle and wake up at 8am (or even 10am) and begin your day by setting wonderful intentions. You spend an hour journaling, eating a home-cooked healthy breakfast, and going for a run. You can even experience the whole miracle morning routine but start that at 8am if you wish because you no longer have a boss to report to. You can leave you business early and go take that yoga class in the afternoon if that floats your boat.

  • Have a fun bank account for little luxuries like that modern luxe and hip hot yoga membership, the same Charlotte Tilsbury Bronzer that Hollywood stars use because we only live ONCE, or that Chloe handbag to complete your wardrobe

  • You can afford to treat your mom to dinner with love for her birthday, Mother’s Day, and even all the holidays if you wish

  • You’ll be able to spend more time with you family and friends. Imagine having high vibe dinners and everyone laughs until they crack. Or sipping on mimosas and having an “smoked salmon eggs benedict” brunch at your favorite modern, trendy spot in LA like… now!

  • Go on self-care retreats to Hawaii (or any island of your choice) once or twice a year (or more) so that you can show up to your business, supercharged, relaxed, and re-energized

    And all this is SO possible…

    But here’s the thing… if you don’t have the courage to start your business and manifest your dream reality, you will never be able to create the impact you wish in the world! There is no real, magical moment where your angels or fairy godmothers come together to make this happen for you. The magic is what you create right now… the magic is in your mind, in your decision today.

Manifest self care retreats like W-O-A-H! Waikiki, Hawaii in 2018

Manifest self care retreats like W-O-A-H! Waikiki, Hawaii in 2018


if you dare to dream big, have the passion to serve, and believe in a dash of magic!

hey i'm judy.png

I followed all of society’s rules… went to a great college, got all the good grades so that I can have a good job and a stable paycheck. I immediately regretted going into a 9-5 every day 3 months in once the novelty of the job faded.

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, go big, become a coach, launch online, and live the freedom lifestyle like all the ambitious, chic, and spiritual women who inspired and came before me. But how? I was scared AF and didn’t know much about social media marketing other than posting a few things on my personal Instagram account at the time let alone selling premium coaching packages that seem insanely mind-blown to me at the time.

Now I refuse to work with anyone who isn’t an energetic match to my prices.

And I attribute this quantum shift from an employee to becoming the CEO of my coaching business (and on track to make $100k this year), working only with dream clients who are ready to go big. These days, I feel so grateful to have the income to hire that dream coach, take that luxe self-care retreat to Hawaii and become a VIP member of that modern luxe hot yoga studio.

When it comes to escaping the 9-5 hustle and launching your freedom business online, I see way too many people discrediting themselves for their skills, passions, gifts, and services or spending way too much time slaving away behind their keyboards, feeling like an employee in their business instead of living the freedom lifestyle. Girl... your time is money! Quit treating your business like a DIY pet project and follow my proven, signature "Align With Freedom" Business Method that has worked for me and numerous of my private clients!

But you’re capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. Your potential is limitless and the universe didn’t put you on this earth so that you can trade your hours for dollars!

When your cosmic team says it’s got your back, it’s got your back! Plus, you have me on your biz team to back you up, guide you along the way, and support you all the way! With my Bachelors in Psychology, working for 2 entrepreneurial startups, business and marketing experience, I help girls like you leave your 9-5 hustle, build a soul-aligned business so that you can call in the income, impact, and freedom luxe life!

And at the end of our coaching experience, you’ll get to…


    • Shift your energy from behind-the-cubicle employee to chic girl CEO so that you spend your valuable time and energy on tasks and projects that are truly important to growing your brand and business

    • Be so magnetic that your dream clients find you, host live stream parties, and share your story with ease!

    • Create a rock solid money mindset so that you can be well-compensated for value you bring and the lives you change!

    • Develop unstoppable confidence and self belief so that you can share your work unapologetically and reach more people


    • Craft your signature offer and coaching program that’ll help you bring in those $5k months immediately with ease! You have more to offer the world than you think!

    • Learn stress-free ways to get clients with a small following on social media

    • Create and rock your story brand and visuals on social media so that you stand out, build relationships, and stay top of mind as the go-to coach and service provider in your niche


    • Learn to create and repurpose content like a PRO because who has time to write new articles for each social media platform every day? You’re the CEO, not an employee remember?

    • Design every day from a place of wonderful intention that helps you GET. THINGS. DONE. so that you can spend more time with family and friends as well as take that hot yoga class!

    • Create a clear path to success so that you continue to call in the clients, income, impact, freedom and luxe chic lifestyle even after you completed the coaching program.

    This “Align with Freedom” Business Method will help you go from burnout and underutilized employee to soul-aligned chic girl CEO — using mindset, strategy, and taking inspired action on your biz!

I would recommend everyone to Judy; she's intentional with her words and feedback and genuinely cares. She wants to see you succeed!

-Josie, Entrepreneur

So what will you get as a VIP client?
4-month package:

  • 12 50-minute coaching calls on Zoom (1 call per week for the first 3 weeks of every month)

  • Unlimited email support

  • A weekly action plan (on a Trello board)

  • My best resources, tools, video tutorials, and recommendations

  • Personalized journaling prompts

  • Free audits on your social media platforms, posts, and website

    pay in full $3500


    payment plan $3800

    ($950/each month)

    **only 2 more spots left at this price point

    And because of popular demand, I’m offering you a some delicious bonuses too!

  • Unlimited Voxer (voice message) support during our time together so that you can feel fully heard and supported through our time together (value $1000)

  • Access to all my digital courses and group programs that I launch during the time we work together (value $2000+)


  • Ambitious women who are so ready to leave their 9-5 hustle behind and become their own boss and walk to the own beat of their drum

  • Women who are ready to make big money, manifest your big dreams, and live your freedom lifestyle in your next exotic island adventure (perhaps Hawaii, Bali, or anywhere of your choice?)

  • Modern spiritual women who got a calling and vision to carry out and make an impact in this world and they’re ready to turn that vision into a business where they get paid heaps of money!

    If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking, “Okay awesome, Judy! I’m ready and I want you on my spiritual and business team for the next 4 months! How can we get aligned?”

    Because the only girl who will get what she wants is the one who has the courage to declare that it’s HERS!

    To get in touch with me, simply fill out the form below and I’ll voice message you on Instagram.

    (Because I value my time (and yours), only serious, paying clients will get a response. Unless you have a special reason to request a sales call, most of my pre-client calls are conducted via voice message on Instagram these days.)

“Before working with Judy, I was being held back in my business because of relationships with my family. During our time together, we immediately discovered the limiting beliefs, doubts, and resistance that was holding me back in my business. I had so many valuable breakthrough and clarity moments during our time together.

Judy was very patient and attentive. She listened to what I had to say and used the knowledge of what I was saying to help me move forward. She was using everything in the conversation and giving points of the anchor within the conversation. She was fast and efficient from the start, not wanting to lose time. She really wanted to help and this was really lightening her up when she did it. I could really see her strong professionalism and her interest in the subject as she was easily fired up when talking about mindset.

At the same time, the conversation always flowed easily between us. I could easily trust her knowing that the story of my life was being revealed.

And she made no judgments which obviously is very important when working with a coach. I very much appreciate the work, patience, and understanding that she was demonstrating. Thank you, Judy, so much for your help!”


Celine, Entrepreneur & Speaker


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