36// What Toy Story 4 Taught Me About Self-Worth & How the Universe Works

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Hey girls!

I’m so excited about this week’s episode! I haven’t watched a movie in the theaters in ages, but last week I watched Toy Story 4. It has it’s happy moments, sad moments, endearing ones, and moments that made you go “awwww….”

But while watching the movie, I couldn’t help but realize that Toy Story 4 and Bonnie’s toy, Woody, Buzz Light Year and Bo Peep reminded me of how the universe works, how the universe always has your highest good at heart.

I don’t talk about self-worth much on this podcast, but I think it’s time to change that. In the past, I use to feel that I don’t suffer from low self-worth anymore, but this movie reminded me that we all do from time to time!

Listen to this episode and find out…

  • Why we are all naturally worthy

  • How to the universe works to shift everything to your favor

  • You don’t need to be working, meditating, looking at your vision board 24/7 to be manifesting

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