35// The New Norm: I Am Realistic & I Expect Miracles Everyday!

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Hey girls!

I’m so excited for this episode! But again… when am I not when a new episode comes out. Manifestation is all a lifestyle and it’s not something that you have to deliberately set aside time for. Manifestation isn’t meditating with your crystals or vision board.

A series of magical happenings have been taking place over the last few weeks! And I firmly believe that I’m fully supported by the universe. In fact, you and I ARE the universe!

We are the universe. We are the creators of magic once you do the… listen to find out!

In this episode I talk about:

  • The after effects of reiki healing

  • Manifesting two new crystals!

  • Manifesting a new coach and bonuses!

  • Manifesting same day deliveries!

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