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 Right now... you're probably in a good place in life, but you know you're capable of so much more! Like 1000x more! You may…

  • So tired and bored of your 9-5 and you’re wondering when you can ditch your day job

  • Follow your soul calling and get started as a coach, but you’re uncertain how this entrepreneur life will pan out for you

  • Feel drained, overwhelmed and tired AF from your day job that you have so little time for self-care and “me” time

  • Scroll through influencers and money-making entrepreneurs’ Instagrams daily wondering how these women can afford to live their chic and carefree life like they have an unlimited money in their bank accounts

Wherever you're at right now, you know you capable for so much more!

How great would it be if you can quantum leap into the next level you?

  • Be that abundant CEO girl who expands into 1000x her wealth potential and have money flowing in like a river

  • Be that woman in a room who takes up space, shines her light, and speaks her inner truth UNAPOLOGETICALLY

  • Live your abundant, carefree, and chic life and have everything you've ever dreamed of... the luxe designer bags (Chloe and Balenciaga) and the tropical island vacations to recharge and re-energize your soul

Introducing "Next Level You", a high-touch, high support 1:1 coaching intensive where we dive deep!

We all love a good Instagram quote, but this program goes beyond that because we all know that reading doesn't change our life. But the courage to take action to dig deep, to step up as a leader and to have an open mind will.

In this program, we’re using my signature “Align with Freedom” strategy to tap into your highest self to unleash your inner badass. When I mean that you have everything within you to succeed, I mean it! It’s your desires, your life, your success!

Here's what we’ll work through in the program...

// Uncover the deep-rooted childhood fears, doubts, and self-sabotage thoughts. //

So many girls never move past this part because they're never willing to dig deep and face their fears, self-doubts, and the emotional gunk that they have collected over the years. It might be a little uncomfortable to face them at first, but once you do, it will set you free for life!

// Checking in with your inner goddess and balancing your masculine and feminine energies. //

We all have both types of energies in our bodies and whenever we are overactive in one area, you're going to feel either overwhelmed, taken advantaged of, not good enough, or too constrained and restricted. I've experienced both sides of the extremes before and I'm here to help you balance the two so that you're completely in your next level you flow.

// Become a magnet to all the high vibe things that you want to call into your life: the money, the chic designer handbags and the luxury tropical vacations. //

That's the whole point of balancing all your energy! So that you can attract the clients, the sales and carefree luxe life — you let them come to you instead of you chasing them down! When your energetic centers are not balanced, your anxiety, desperation, and negative energy will cause you to repel everything away you want from you. In this week, we're aligning your energy and removing those negative money beliefs you so that you're a magnet to all the things you want.

// Compress time, get grounded and take inspired action. //

You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of your clients, family and friends. If you're dreaming too much, getting too many divine downloads (like me), or always looking to get inspired by the next influencer or entrepreneur's Youtube video, live stream, or podcast episode, but never taking action... you're not going to see any success. So this week, we're going to ground your energy and lay out some perfect steps to help you get there.

// Being unapologetic about leveling up to your chic and carefree life where you channel your soul message. //

Leaving your old life behind is not easy... I've done it before so I know it. Leaving your old friends, letting go of people, situations and circumstances that no longer serve you is not always easy because it's so comfortable and we love those people. But if you want to uplevel from current you to next level you, I will help you move through the blocks of being a people pleaser or the classic "good girl." We are rising up to CEO girl who lives life on her terms. The world will have no choice but to adjust to the new you! *flips hair

// Locking in your vision and freedom life with faith, certainty, and magical routines. //

This is the area where we are going to build on that faith and turn uncertainty into certainty. This took me along time to figure out and having faith can still be a struggle for me sometimes. Your carefree luxe life is so available for you.

Keep in mind that this is the general inner mindset and soul work that we're going to do. I'm very open to customizing to each client who works with me. After all, this whole coaching intensive is about you, not me. So depending on which areas you need more help in, then we can work on that area more. I’m here to help you get to the next level!

This program isn't about me... it's about you! Sure, I'll give you ideas along the way when you get stuck, but it's not about me telling you what to do. All the answers are within you. But they've just been blocked out of your conscious awareness because of society, authority and well-meaning parents who believe that life can only be lived a certain way.

Everyone has limiting beliefs... everyone at every level! That includes, me, my mom, my coach, and my coach’s coach.

For example, my next level self is a CEO girl who travels a few times a year, one month sipping mimosas in Bali, the next month shopping like a fashionista in Japan, and the next eating all the street food in Korea. I travel in business class with my Balenciaga city bag with all my Charlotte Tilsbury bronzer and beauty masks, and portable gold Macbook.

She lives in a nice house by the beach, feeling calm, relaxed but still kicking ass and always challenging herself to call in more high-end clients, breakthrough her income ceilings, and have more time for yoga, spas, massages, and traveling. She is a VIP member at the modern luxe hot yoga studio. She works with rockstar clients who are killin' it in business. Life is easy. Everyone is always celebrating, having a happy time, and teasing each other at the family table.

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been manifesting things left and right! And some of these manifestations are…

  • VIP membership at a modern luxe hot yoga studio

  • My favorite yoga instructor

  • Self-care retreat to Hawaii (including an amazing ziplining experience, upgraded hotel experience with a water view)

  • Dream high-end clients

  • My high-vibe soulmate coach

  • Monday professional luxe massages

  • New gold, portable Macbook just for traveling purposes

  • New radiant skincare routine

  • Brand new Cali girl wardrobe + shop at Nordstrom regularly!

  • New eyebrow stylist!

In this 6-week intensive, we go all in on the mindset shifts, manifestation principles, spiritual laws, and aligned CEO lifestyle. We all have dreams, passions, and our next level... but what does the next level for you look like?

So what does the program look like in details?

  • 6 45-minute coaching calls (one a week)

  • Unlimited Voxer (voice message) and email support during our 6 weeks together

  • Personalized journaling prompts

  • Personalized everything! (This is one of my VIP private programs... so trust that you are getting the most high-touch support!)

  • My energy, vibes, guidance, support, and me empowering you that there is so much more out there for you!

    It's those who are willing to dig deep and let go of years of poor conditioning and deep rooted fears who rise up.

It's those who dare to dream who will have their freedom life manifest.

If you're ready to manifest the next level you... let's chat!

Because this truly requires my time and energy, there are limited spots available!

ONLY $1500

**when you sign up by May 14, 2019

AND $2000

**last day to sign up is May 24, 2019

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