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Hey friend!

If you're checking out my private coaching services, you're probably ready to make a big upgrade in your life! Trust me, it's not everyday where a woman like you is courageous enough to make a big leap to change their life, but if you are... read on!

If you're reading this page, you want a coach to help you unleash and go deeper within so that you can discover yourself. You're ready to make massive mindset shifts, renew your energy, and upgrade your reality!

Who is this for?

  • The mission-driven woman who is ready to make massive mindset shifts, expand your consciousness so that you can expand your life, live in the present, love your life, upgrade your reality so that you can live a rich, luxe and carefree life!

  • You’re working as hard as you can whether at your 9-5 or on your business and you’re ready to stop hustling, stop doing whatever it takes to be be successful in life, and only do things that you’re aligned with you.

  • You are drained, overwhelmed, tired, and bored wherever you’re in life because you’ve prioritized everyone else’s (your partner, your friends, your family) needs before your own. You’re ready to come back to soul and heart. Your self-care and self-love game is pretty much non-existent. Uhh… self-care game??? What is that?

  • The girl who is ready to ditch negativity and create your reality relentlessly with meaning and purpose.

  • You feel like making money is hard and if you raise your prices, your clients will leave you, but you’re working as hard as you can and your time and energy is maxed out. You’re totally ready to break those income ceilings and tap into the unlimited universal supply of money.

  • The woman who is stuck but she's ready to stop making excuses, be open-minded for a new perspective and give her life fresh energy!

  • You're ready to be the CEO of your life and take full responsibility of it! You're so tired of being told how to live your best life.

The main areas I coach in my “next level you” program are...

  • Soul-aligned business coaching

  • Up-leveling your money story and mindset

  • Supercharge your manifesting powers using spiritual laws to support your life

  • Balancing the feminine and masculine energy (Do you need more structure or more flexibility in your life and biz?)

  • Discovering your life purpose and direction

  • Coming back home to the soul

  • Morning routines, spiritual practices, manifestation rituals, self-care retreats to get help you get back into alignment

  • Freedom lifestyle coaching — living a rich and carefree life with luxury, including Monday massages, spa days, designer handbags (Chloe, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton anyone?), and traveling whenever you want.

(it's all customized to your highest good)

When you coach with me, we use my "Align with Freedom" soul-aligned method. We'll be helping you upgrade your reality in one or more of these areas at a time.

  • Creative freedom

  • Emotional freedom

  • Time freedom

  • Financial freedom

  • Location freedom

Here are the benefits, girl!

Soulfully, this is what you'll receive.

  • A coach who has been there and done that, gets it, and is willing to open up space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and what feels good to your soul. I'm all ears for you!

  • Receive intuitive downloads from me and have someone give meanings to the events, situations and things that's going on in your life every day.

  • My calm, clean and SAGE-D energy.

  • A coach who has your best interest at heart.

  • I prefer to see myself as a partner and a human being helping you create your reality rather than a coach or any other pretentious title.

  • My style of coaching is very organic and intuitive. I'll be asking you questions, getting to know you, guiding you, helping you see answers for yourself, giving you ideas, practical tips, and positive energy. Just relax, be open and free to receive downloads, answers and to explore your true self fully!

  • My goal is to give you tools and help you develop self-awareness so that even after our coaching time together, you can use these same skills to become more aware of your everyday life.

  • I'll be your spiritual bff, manifesting partner, free spirited soul sister, and badass coach who challenges you to make leaps and bounds!

Technically, it's going to look like this.

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls on Zoom (50 minutes)

  • Unlimited email and Voxer (voice message) coaching to support your success and happiness. Yes! You have access to me right at the edge of your fingertips!

  • Weekly Voxer surprise check-in for an extra boosted support

  • Personalized journaling prompts, fun faith exercises, book recommendations, resources, tools, etc. We journal everyday at JLC!

  • Free access to all the courses I’ve launched or launched during our time together! Woah, this is a biggie!

When you're ready for this fun intimate experience, here's the next inspired action.

We hang out for 3 months together. $4000 investment.

Payment plans are available! And for the first time ever, I'm offering payment plans without interest charges.

let’s chat, girl!

Email or DM me on Instagram and tell me a little about yourself, what you’re going through, how you’re worked through your problems, and how I can help you. Ask me any questions you may have. I'm happy to answer! (Email: heyjuddess@gmail.com)

Read what my past clients have said about me here.


01// Do I need to have a business to work with you?

Absolutely not! I work with driven women who are ready to up-level their energy, their vibration, their mindset, and their life in general. Trust me, even if you have a business, mindset is 90% of the game, the strategy is only 10% of the game. For me, my business and my life is very integrated so if you have a personal brand and are a coach like me, your business is going to be integrated. And the whole point of having a business is to live a life you love! We’re not having a business for the title, the pretentious fame, etc.

And who am i?

judy louie coaching 01

Hi, I'm Judy!

I'm a witty, intuitive and badass old soul, multi-passionate coach, host of the Judy Louie Podcast, spirit junkie, and I was born under the water goddess sign, Aquarius. The beach is my spiritual place to be and I'm currently obsessed with tropical getaways and carefree luxe vibes. I love all things psychology, girlboss, spirituality, and magic!

Meeting the Dalai Lama during one of my lowest points in life shifted my mindset and changed my life forever. Over the last 6 months, I've invested over $20k in my own personal growth to upgrade my reality and went from drained employee to the CEO of my life. Today, I know I'm worthy of being a 6-figure earner, a millionaire, a multi-millionaire because money is simply the energy of support and love!

It is my desire to help you heal, grow and empower yourself to become the CEO of your life. I make spiritual practices and manifestation easy like a lifestyle so that you can be manifesting on-the-go with or without your crystals and vision board.

I'm the creator of the "Align with Freedom" method where I help my amazing clients create creative, financial, location, emotional and time freedom in their lives. I create digital course experiences that heals and empowers my amazing clients and modern free spirited soul sisters all while making it immersive, fun and life changing!

I believe that life is short and it is our duty to create and live it in a way that inspires us.