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Hey beauty!

Do you want to be making more money from your business?

Are you so tired of working hard, working 8 hours a day and making just enough to get by?

You are ready to run your business from anywhere in the world?

Do you feel like you’re just writing post after post on Instagram but you’re not getting anywhere?

Do you feel called to coach with Judy and receive all her soul downloads and make building a business easy?

Who is this for?

  • You’re an impact-driven boss babe who is ready to make massive mindset shifts, expand your wealth consciousness, expand into $10k months, and truly get paid to be yourself!

  • You’re really hard on yourself and you’ve always held yourself up to high standards of success, but you’re ready to receive dream clients, more money, and a soul-aligned business that supports your freedom lifestyle all while tapping into your feminine energy.

  • You’re working as hard as you can whether at your day job or on your business and you’re ready to stop hustling and feeling overwhelmed and drained, and only do things that align with your soul

  • You’ve worked with a coach or two, have a social media following, you’ve tried all the strategies, you’ve booked one or two clients but you’ll like to book a consistent stream of clients and have recurring income streams!

  • You feel like making money is hard and if you raise your prices, your clients will leave you, but you’re working as hard as you can and your time and energy is maxed out. You’re totally ready to break those income ceilings and tap into the unlimited universal supply of money.

  • You realize that all the social media followers and strategies won’t do you any good unless you have 100% self-belief in yourself and that you’re truly enough

  • You’ve always been a silent achiever or behind-the-scenes leader but you’re ready to leave that identity in the past and really rise up to become a radiant CEO

  • You want to know what goes inside my head and ask me all your questions because you don’t know a single successful money-making entrepreneur who hasn’t invested in themselves!

in my “next level wealth” business coaching program, i’m ready to help you…

  • Build a soul-aligned business while attracting high-level soulmate clients

  • Release guilt and limiting beliefs around making more money & expanding into greater levels of abundance, including $10k months!

  • Build an authentic soulful personal brand that is SOOOO you (I’m really passionate about this!)

  • Balance the feminine flow and masculine energy so that you’re in full aligned flow everyday

  • Monetize your soul calling and share your soul message with the world through your personal brand

  • Expand into greater levels of abundance and run your life from anywhere in the world (lately I’ve been running it from the beach, the pool, and Universal Studios!)

(this is my high level privte coaching program and it’s all customized to your desires)

When you coach with me, we use my "soul success" method. We'll be helping you upgrade your reality in one or more of these areas at a time.

  • Creative freedom - You can connect to universal source energy and flow form your soul.

  • Emotional freedom - Let go of everyone and everything that no longer serves you.

  • Time freedom - You can be time rich.

  • Financial freedom - You’re making $10k months.

  • Location freedom - You can run your business from anywhere around the world!

    repeat this after me:

  • I can run my business anywhere, including (insert your desired place here)!

  • Abundance, $10k months, and soul clients are coming my way everyday.

  • I am free to flow from my soul everyday because I get paid to be myself. Fully myself. And no one else but myself.

  • I can run my business the way I want (not the way the industry does it, not the way the Internet does it, not the way my coach tells me is the “right” way.)

  • I can make money being myself fully, have fun, and be intimate and connected to my followers!

  • I can have $10k months working only 4 hours a day!

  • I am time rich.

  • Life is a vacation and I’m here to fulfill my soul’s purpose and answer one soul calling after another!

  • I run my business in joy, coach my soul clients with love, and expand my mind with gratitude!

Here are the benefits, girl!

Soulfully, this is what you'll receive.

  • A coach who has been there and done that, gets it, and is willing to open up space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and what feels good to your soul. I'm all ears for you!

  • Receive intuitive downloads from me and have someone give meanings to the events, situations and things that's going on in your life every day.

  • My calm, clean and SAGE-D energy.

  • A coach who has your best interest at heart.

  • My style of coaching is very organic and intuitive. I'll be asking you questions, getting to know you, guiding you, helping you see answers for yourself, giving you ideas, practical tips, and positive energy. Just relax, be open and free to receive downloads, answers and to explore your true self fully!

  • I'll be your spiritual bff, manifesting partner, free spirited soul sister, and badass coach who challenges you to make leaps and bounds!

  • My business coaching program involves a bit of lifestyle coaching as well because I know that for us soulful women our end goal isn’t all about money, but also work-life integration. Expect 80% business/money coaching and 20% lifestyle coaching.

Technically, it's going to look like this.

  • Unlimited Voxer (voice message) coaching with me. You can text me or voice message me any time!

  • Weekly Voxer surprise check-in for an extra dose of loving support

  • Personalized journaling prompts, fun faith exercises, routines, book recommendations, resources, tools, etc. We journal everyday at JLC!

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls on Zoom (45 minutes) upon request. I’ve decided to make these optional so you can book one every 2 weeks if you feel like you want to go deep in one area!


  • Immediate Voxer voice message coaching with me

  • Free access to my all-time favorite course, Come Back Home to Joy because I believe that we should always be building our business with joy and love!

When you're ready for this fun intimate experience, here's the next inspired action.

your investment

2 months: $3000

3 months: $4500

$1000 OFF discount for the first babe who books in!

Payment plans are available! And for the first time ever, I'm offering payment plans without interest charges.

my private coaching is by application only!

DM me on Instagram and tell me a little about yourself and why you want to work with me. Ask me any questions you may have. I'm happy to answer! Send a voice message if you want to get more intimate.

Read what my past clients have said about me here.

And who am i?

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Hi, I'm Judy!

If you’re reading this, you’re mostly a high achiever or visionary looking to start your coaching business or expand into greater levels of financial abundance!

I'm a witty, intuitive and badass old soul, multi-passionate coach, host of the Judy Louie Podcast, spirit junkie, and I was born under the water goddess sign, Aquarius. The beach is my spiritual place to be and I'm currently obsessed with tropical getaways, carefree luxe vibes, and only working 5 hour days. I love all things psychology, girlboss, spirituality, and magic!

For years, I’ve dreamed of wanting the freedom I have today but until I hired a coach to guide me through that, my CEO life was nothing but a dream. Over the last 6 months, I've invested over $20k in my own personal growth to upgrade my reality and went from overworked employee to the CEO of my life. Today, making $10k months is easy!

It is my desire to help you heal, grow and empower yourself to become the CEO of your life and make aligned decisions that come from the soul. I make life and business easy by helping you get into soul alignment and harnessing your soul energy to expand into greater levels of financial abundance, including $10k months!

I'm the creator of the "Soul Success" method where I help my amazing clients create creative, financial, location, emotional and time freedom in their lives. I create digital course experiences that heals and empowers my amazing clients and modern free spirited soul sisters all while making it immersive, fun and life changing!

I believe that life is short and it is our duty to create and live it in a way that inspires us.