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Expanding Into Your Radiant CEO


Do you feel like this right now?

How do I step up and become the leader in my business?

Do you feel like you need a lot of followers to sell a product or your services?

Do you feel like there are so many people talking about the same thing, the market is so saturated and you don't know how to stand out?

You're starting a business and you believe that you need a website, all the social media channels, an email list, and 100k followers to start connecting with people?

You find yourself hustling so hard, pushing everyday to make money, showing up to social media everyday but no one cares, but you still feel so disconnected to your business with little results to show.

You feel like being the CEO of your life would mean you have to be bossy, pushy and that no one will want to be with your friend.

Do you feel like you know you're meant for more, but there is a part of you who still don't truly believe in yourself?

Do you feel like you can't lead yet because you're not the leader in your industry?

You know you're meant to be the CEO of your life, but no one is listening to you.

What if you can show up radiating this kind of beautiful energy in your life and business?

You've balanced your masculine and feminine energies that's necessary for business and life success. You know you can be that empathic, yet high achiever that everyone loves to be around.

You lead with light. You are generous. You know exactly how much to share with others for free all while knowing what to charge for your paid services and products so you're always giving and receiving at the same time.

You are living out your soul's calling and you allow your soul to evolve and your business to follow your soul -- and that makes business and life so easy!

Your followers and soul clients are so magnetized by your kind, loving energy that they consume all your content and are following your every move

You want to show up and radiate from your soul on all your social media channels, your blog, your podcast, your YouTube channel because you radiate from a soul energy that is fully yours.

A lot of people feel like it's the strategy that will make them successful in their business.

And yes, strategy plays a part in your business. Maybe 10%. Maybe 20%.

But if you're a small business owner, online business owner, a personal brand, an influencer, essentially what people are buying into is you, your soul, your energy, and what you believe to be true.

So what does this mean?

You always want to be radiating from soul and leading with light.

The only thing that makes you different from the next coach, the next influencer, the next boss babe is your soul energy and your beliefs.

Anyone can put up a website and start their social media accounts. But it takes vulnerability, courage, soul, and real and raw energy to radiate from soul and live your life from a place of self-belief, compassion, and love.

Over the last few years, I've been trying to figure out what it means to be the CEO of your life. I've worked with a number of managers and bosses to feel into each person's style.

I've worked with a smart ass CEO who always thought he knew everything. He came off as someone who hustles and bustles, makes everyone around him anxious, tired and burnt out. Even though he was a high achiever, he had team members who was quitting on him every month.

Then I've worked with another boss who radiated a lot of love and empathy for his team. He wasn't an ambitious man, but he could somehow attract team members who were very loyal to him. He was definitely a people's person, but not a high achiever.

I've went through so many phases myself as a follower scrolling my Instagram feed, watching others live, reading blog post after blog post, working with a number of coaches, and still not know how to lead my business and life. When I realized that being the CEO of my life had nothing to do with having a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel, but everything about tapping into my soulful attraction vortex and energy alignment, everything in my business and life shifted.

I can flow from my soul everyday in every post I write, every podcast episode I record, every email I write, every client call I hop on, and even every program and course that I launch.

It's all aligned, aligned and more abundant aligned success.

I've went through all these phases of learning what it takes to be the CEO of your business and life. This is how I felt at each phase:

  • Phase 1: I don't know how to lead my own life so I'll just see what others are doing and just follow. During this phase of my life, I was a little lost and I felt like I had little control over my life and business.

  • Phase 2: I'm a badass and I know exactly what I want and I won't allow others to tell me what to do. I don't care about what other experts say. They don't know me more than I know about myself. During this phase, I was pushing it hard and trying too hard to be the CEO of my life. I wasn't leading, I was just pushing and business and life was always an uphill battle, a struggle, and I wasn't flowing from my soul.

  • Phase 3: I feel a wave of inner bliss and everything I choose to do comes from soul alignment. Business is easy, life is carefree, I get to be intimate with my business because it's my personal brand. I love what I do on a daily basis and I lead with light. Others get to choose to follow or not. Regardless, I still lead with light and radiate from soul.

And for the longest time, I just didn't know what it takes to be the leader in my business and life.

I had a coach who led with too much masculine energy. It was harsh to be in her energy. I didn't feel safe to be in her energy.

Do I need a huge following to be the radiant CEO?

Do I need to be making a million dollars in my business to be the radiant CEO?

Do I need employees to be the radiant CEO?

You don't need any of those things. Not the followers, the million dollars, nor the employees. This isn't a course about what you have on the outside. It's about working on YOU, your soul energy, your alignment, and your mindset.

All you need is to follow your soul, embody the energy of the radiant CEO, and come from a place of soul alignment to lead your tribe to greater success. When your tribe is successful, you're successful.

You need a willingness to serve.

A desire to help others, uplift others, elevate others to the next level.

You need to protect your own energy (especially if you're both an introvert and an empath like me) so that you can serve with your cleanest, clearest, and most soulful loving energy.

I use to have all these limiting beliefs about being the CEO of my life and running a business.

  • I need to be an extrovert who loves talking and networking all day long

  • I can only become a leader in my field after 10 years

  • I'm not worth listening to

  • No one is listening to me.

  • I need tens of thousands of followers to lead.

But this is what I believe about being a true leader today.

  • I can lead with 1 follower, 100 followers, 1000 followers, 100,000 followers, or 1 million followers because I choose to lead. I choose to step up. And today is the best day to do that.

  • I am always sharing an uplifting perspective on life and there is always someone who needs to hear my message.

  • I don't need everyone to listen to me, I just need the right people who needs to hear the right message at the right time to listen to me.

  • I am a leader because I have experience that I can share in a way that no one else can share the way Judy does it.

  • I'm an introvert and that makes me a more loving and empathetic leader and that's a good thing!

the CEO with the title.

We aren't talking about surface-level or pretentious titles in this course. Everyone can call themselves a boss babe today. Everyone can call themselves a CEO. We aren't talking about titles here.

And while I call myself "the CEO of my life", at the end of the day, I see Judy as a human being here to serve other likeminded soulful human beings.

The radiant CEO that people want to follow.

She is the woman who radiates warm, loving and soulful energy from within.

She is vulnerable with her following and intimate with her clients.

Her followers and clients see the beauty in her when she's vulnerable. It makes her strong, not weak.

She is empathetic towards her followers and clients so she builds rapport with her clients easily.

Yet she is unapologetic about setting boundaries, charging for her services, and living her chic and carefree life.

Expanding Into Your Radiant CEO is the course that will help you release all those limiting beliefs around what it takes to be the CEO of your business and life so that you can step into your most soulful "attraction vortex" and call in the followers and aligned clients that you desire!

When you enroll in Expanding Into Your Radiant CEO, you'll be...

  • Releasing old limiting beliefs about what it takes to be a servant leader

  • Creating your energetic leadership style from soul

  • Aligning with your highest CEO self and making soulful decisions from your attraction vortex with ease

  • Helping you build a business and life with flow, ease and grace

    Topics that we'll be covering in the course will be...

    How to be the leader you've always wanted to have.

    Have you ever worked with a coach, followed an online expert, or worked for a boss who was less than the inspiring leader you've wanted? Well, here's your chance to change the world! Women who are leaders change the world by leading by example. You get to become the leader you've always wanted to have.

    The difference between being bossy and a true leader.

    I use to have these limiting beliefs about being a leader because I would be afraid that others will see me as bossy. But now I realized that there is a big difference between being a boss and a true leader I'll like to follow.

    Does a leader need to have all the answers and all the knowledge?

    Being a leader doesn't mean you need to be a walking Google-pedia lol! While a leader have experience and knowledge in their own line of work, people don't follow leaders because they have lots of knowledge. If people wanted knowledge, they can Google it. People follow a leader because of the leader herself. In fact, I respect a coach or expert when they tell me they don't know the answer to something. Hint: People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

    Speaking from your highest self.

    People who are true leaders aren't on either one of these spectrums: you disagree with everything someone says or you regurgitate what others have already said. I'll share with you how I share from your highest self.

    What to do if you keep getting mixed messages from so many experts and coaches out there?  Who should you listen to?

    Do you find yourself listening to so many experts that you don't know who to listen to? There's a way to always have the right answers.

    How to lead with a following of zero!

    Leaders walk to the beat of their own drum. Most people think you need a large following to lead, but you lead first so that you grow that following.

Repeat after me…

It is safe to be me.

It is safe to be vulnerable.

There is beauty in vulnerability.

There is strength in vulnerability.

It is safe to be rich.

It is safe to listen to your inner voice.

It is safe to follow your soul. Because that's what makes me different. That's how I stand out from the crowd.

It is safe to do things your way and ignore experts sometimes.

It is safe to let go, have fun and be carefree.

Money flows in even if I'm relaxed and chilling.

I am worthy of $100,000. $100k is my new baseline because I’ve decided that’s how I’m going to live my life.

I am here to build a one-of-a-kind personal brand that no one else has built before.

My clients and friends are attracted to me because it's me they love!

Because this is the TRUEST, MOST AUTHENTIC ME.

Remember, like always I'm just here to be your guide as you discover your leadership style. I'm not here to push you or holler at you. You're the CEO of your life and you get to make the decision of choosing between two different investment levels today.

CEO Level

  • Access to 4 modules that will be dripped into your Teachable portal each week

  • Bonus! Raise Your Vibration in 21 days Workbook ($44 value)

  • Bonus! Soul Journaling eBook ($55 value)

Early bird price: $555

Regular price: $777

VIP Level

Go VIP here. I don’t offer single session coaching calls anymore so if you want more private support on becoming the CEO of your life, here’s a divine opportunity for you!

  • Everything at the CEO level

  • 1 50 minute private coaching call with me

  • 10 days of followup Voxer voice messaging support with me


Early bird price: $888

Regular price: $1111

The options are all available for your highest good. It's your time now. It's time to make a decision whether it's to stay exactly where you are or expand to your NEXT LEVEL as a radiant CEO.

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Sept 2, 2019

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