Trust Your Instincts: How to Make Big Decisions With Your Intuition


A few days ago I played a game with my peeps on Instagram. I told them to ask me anything related to intentional living and personal growth. One person asked “How to trust your intuition when it comes to taking big risks to create a more fulfilling career.” I loved this question because it got me going down memory lane about my relationship with my intuition, including how I gathered faith to let go of my stable corporate paycheck and start this blog and biz (and another one). I probably use my intuition to make day-to-day decisions way more than I catch myself doing it because intuition is flow.

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I felt like IG stories just wasn’t enough for me to share my story and how you can trust your intuition.

So let’s talk about how to trust your instincts and make big decisions with your intuition. Because you can certainly do this and it’s going to make decision-making effortless. Ever since making intuitive decisions, I’ve never regretted a big decision I’ve made.

But if you’ve never followed your intuition before, you might not know where to start. Is this sixth sense even real? If you have followed your intuition, but you’ve never used it to make a big decision, this can be equally scary. Trusting your intuition to help you make a decision for your highest good is like meeting and marrying a guy after your first date with him.

“Can I trust him? Do I trust him? What if it doesn’t work out? What if it works out?” You have all these burning questions in your head.

If you’ve never made a decision using your intuition or don’t even know what your intuition is, I recommended reading this article on How to Follow Your Intuition first.

Step 1: When you trust your instincts, you know your success is inevitable.

When you feel like your success is inevitable, you’ll find it much easier to be guided by your gut instincts and intuition.

I worked for corporate for a few years until I realized I was growing out of my jobs like every year until I was finally over it. I knew I was capable of so much more. I always over-delivered in everything I turned into my boss. I had bigger expectations for the people I worked with and some people were just a huge disappointment to me. I was also tired of doing the same things everyday and losing sight of the purpose of my life when I'm just focused on my own role.

But I didn’t always have this faith in myself if I didn’t have those negative experiences. Now that I had a taste of what I didn’t want anymore, this created even more faith and belief in why I wanted to pursue what I’m doing now even more. There’s actually a universal law for this -- it’s called the law of polarity.

For me, I couldn’t see myself working for someone else anymore. And this gave me so much more clarity in going the other direction of having my own biz. Suddenly, it felt like there was a light that shined on me. This made following my intuition in the other direction so much more easier.

When you trust your instincts, it will come naturally when you’re ready. Don’t force yourself to “trust” it.

If you feel like your faith in the universe is weak, raise your vibration by starting a gratitude journal. Thank the universe for everything you have (no matter how small the thing is) and even things you don’t have yet. You need to believe that the universe is co-creating your reality with you in one way or another.

Perhaps not in the way you want it, but it’s coming in SOME way. Your job is to know the outcome you want. Visualize it. Digest it. Engrain it in your mind.

The higher your vibration is, the more ready you are. The more you believe you’re ready, your success becomes inevitable.

Step 2: Get more excited about your dreams.

Are you more excited or nervous about your dreams?

You know how when a friend tells you they’re graduating and you give them your congratulations. Then you ask if them if they’re more nervous or excited? And then they give you a vague answer like, “How about a little of both?”

Here’s the fun part: when you sway more towards the excited side, that’s when you begin to trust your instincts. When you’re excited about your dreams, you’re more aligned with your dreams. You know it’s going to happen perhaps because you’ve visualized it happening many times already.

The only reason someone is nervous during graduation is because they’re uncertain of what the future and how it’ll look for them. But if you’ve visualized it and you can see yourself having what you want, trusting your intuition comes naturally.

To get excited about your dreams, try this exercise: "I'm excited about ________ because it will (insert desired state or thing you'll get by following your dreams)." Keep reminding yourself why this matters to you at the core.

Step 3: You trust your instincts because you know it’s for your highest good.

Another reason you don’t trust your instincts is because you believe it isn’t for your highest good. Now of course, your ego might step in and warn you not to let go of your stable paycheck. You ego protects you and sometimes your immediate needs. It has a voice of its own too. But you’re not only looking at your immediate needs, you’re also looking out for your future desires. Your future desires is your highest good in this case.

For me, I realized that I was letting my ego take over my intuition when I was too afraid to put myself out there, too afraid of going on FB live, too afraid of putting myself on video for fear of stuttering.

So what was the tipping point when I realized I had enough of my ego taking over me? How did I finally shut my ego up and let my intuition shine through?

It was because I already had a taste of what not starting Sea of Bliss Collective and getting my message out there is making me feel. I’m stuck doing work I’m no longer passionate about and for people who no longer inspire me. Once I got out of my own head, moved out of my own way and reminded myself how frustrating my current situation was, I took the leap. I started putting myself out there everyday.

Your highest good feels light and the work you bring to the world will come effortlessly. I felt that flow on some things when I was working for someone else, but I felt in complete FLOOOWW when I’m working on Sea of Bliss Collective. Coaching others on mindset and selling my own digital products not only lets me spread the kind of positivity that has helped me turn my life around, but it gives me financial stability and creative freedom.

Those are two things that are important to me.

That’s for my highest good.

If you’re not sure if something is for your highest good, ask yourself, “Does it make me feel light? Does it make you feel good about yourself?” Also, think of all the times you were in creative flow, what were you doing?

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Step 4: Find examples of people who has taken similar risks like you and have what you want.

This one will certainly give you more peace of mind if the exercises so far is too esoteric for you. I know thinking about your highest good for the future can be difficult when you can’t think beyond this present moment. After all, you just want to know if it’ll all work out in the future, right?

Make a list of all the people you admire, follow and connect with who has been where you want to go. As long as this person has one thing you want, write his/her name down. Write the reason down as well so you can remind yourself what it is you want. It never hurts to reinforce those feelings into your mind, body, and soul.

This list is evidence that if others have co-created with the universe to make this happen, the same can happen to you as well.


Step 5: Trust your instincts by asking the universe for signs.

I’ve been doing this when I was about seven-years-old but I never told anyone about this because I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy.

I use to ask the universe a question and I’ll look at the clock. If the last number on the clock was an odd number, the answer is “yes.” The universe thinks I should go for it. If it’s an even number, it’s a “no.”

Although I don’t really ask the universe for signs anymore (I really don’t know why haha), I see lots of angel numbers all day long. I have a particular fondness for the numbers 11:11 because of the year November, 11, 2011 (11/11/2011). 2011 is one of my favorite years in my life because it’s the first year I’ve experienced “love at first sight” and from that point on, I’ve never settled for anything that wasn’t a “hell yes!”

This rule applies to anything from the shirt I pick out the mall to the guy I date. Every time I break this rule, I always had to pay for it one way or another.

There’s many ways you can ask the universe for signs such as reading tarot cards to spinning a wheel. The latter I just made up.

The one thing to remember is that whatever tool you use for fun is merely to support your intuition. I personally believe that the most important thing is your bodily sensation, how you feel about it, and how much faith you have. Everything else is good support and a fun second opinion. Perhaps for this reason, I don’t ask the universe for signs, but I love the surprise I get when I see 11:11 so many times a day.

Step 6: Finally, trust your instincts by taking one inspired action today.

Finally, taking one step further towards your dreams and life purpose will give you the most faith. Up until now, everything we have talked about is on the spiritual or emotional plane. At some point, if you want to know if your plans and dreams are going to work out, you need to take definite PHYSICAL action!

And not ANY kind of action, but INSPIRED action that feels good to you. When I started my first biz, I was doing too much busy work which eventually lead to burnt out and lots of unhappiness.

You only want to take inspired action that feels good to the soul.

What’s inspired action you might ask?

It’s action that comes naturally to you. It feels light. It feels good. It moves the needle forward to give you even more confidence to follow your dreams.

The beauty of following your intuition and trusting your instincts is that only you know what feels good to you. I can’t tell you that because otherwise we’ll get wrapped up in a world of “shoulds.”

“You should do this. You should do that. And you should do it because it feels good to me.”

Nope, just learn to trust your intuition and gut feelings.

Final Words on Trusting Your Intuition

When you follow your intuition, beautiful things will begin to happen. It’s more loyal than logic and what other people tell you you “should” do.

If you’ve never made a small decision using your intuition, start there. For example, when your eyelids are droopy and your body is trying to tell you you’re tired, go to bed earlier that day.

Yesterday I tried to read a book even though I was so sleepy. Guess what happened? I ended up reading the same line over again and again. It just wasn’t working because I was trying to go against what my body was trying to tell me.

You don’t want to skip starting small here because intuition is a muscle that you need to strengthen to work for you. You can certainly follow your intuition, gut feeling, and hunches to make big decisions, but don’t feel pressured to make those big decisions.

So here’s a few general tips when it comes to trusting your intuition:

  • Your intuition loves and sees the positive and abundance in everything.
  • Your intuition serves your highest good and future desires because it’s seeing beyond this very moment.
  • When you’re following your intuition, you’ll get many random light bulb moments.
  • Your eyes will open up and your mind will expand.
  • Decisions, therefore, just flows in
  • And feels light.
  • So you take inspired action
  • That empowers you.

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Happy following your intuition! Tell me what’s your experience with following your intuition. Share your stories! Or do you have anything else to add about intuition that I missed?