How to Start a Successful Business With a Small Social Media Following

how to start a sucessful business small social media following.png


I use to think that way too.

If I don't have a big enough community, I wouldn't have all the people who want to buy from me. And without the numbers, I wouldn't hit my income goals.

But I sell premium coaching packages (minimum $3000) and I only work with ambitious women who are ready to escape their 9-5, launch their own service business, and MANIFEST ALL THE THINGS!

I don't need a huge audience or community. Because as long as I can book 3 clients a month, I can hit my income goal of $10k/month. There's no need to have thousands of people in my community if those people don't have the intention of buying from me.

I'm not trying to attract the whole world and their grandma.

There's going to be a lot of people who are watching your live streams and reading your content just for entertainment. They'll never buy -- and that's okay.

You can make money from a small audience too! You just need the right people in your tribe.

I'm all about community building, making sure other people's voice is heard because I know how miserable it feels to have your voice shut down. But as an entrepreneur, CEO, and boss, I also know that if I don't hit my income goals, I'm not really an entrepreneur.

So while I love creating that gorgeous Instagram feed, building a community, and being a content creator, I know that first, I'm an entrepreneur. Because if I'm not making money from my coaching business, I won't have the time, energy, love, and money to continue serving my community.

I love that I can incorporate my hobbies into my business, but I also know that if I don't take care of my own needs first, I won't have anything to offer the world either. If I'm not making money from my biz, I'll have to go back to a 9-5. And I won't be able to serve my community anymore.

Before you think you need 10k followers or 1 million followers on Instagram or in your Facebook group, ask yourself, do you identify as a blogger, marketer, community builder, content creator, or CEO entrepreneur?

Because whomever you identify as is how you'll show up every day.

Judy L