5 Signs You're Meant to Serve a Higher Purpose Than Slave Away at Your 9-5

5 signs you're meant to serve a higher purpose than slave away at a 9-5 day job

If you clicked on this article then chances are you’re feeling unfulfilled, underutilized or unheard in your job.

And here’s the truth… not everyone is meant to slave away at a 9-5 job that feels like jail for the rest of their lives.

Two years ago, I thought I'll be stuck in my 9-5 forever and never be able to escape the 9-5 jail life. Long hours were draining my energy AF. I thought I'll never have my own business until my 30's or 40’s. Building a personal brand and putting myself out there on social media seemed like such a scary thing. Getting that perfect Insta feed didn't seem like something I'd ever have...

The self-care retreats.

The adrenaline rush.

The time for a pampering, luxurious nighttime skincare routine.

The time for setting glorious intentions, manifesting with crystals, and burning candles while recording my podcast episodes.

It use to be just me, sitting in my 9-5 jail, and coming home to a self-pity party with Netflix after work.

You probably feel like you have a greater purpose to fill, a story and message to share in this world and people to serve and uplift.

A few days ago, I shared on my Instagram stories the 5 signs you’re meant to be a spiritual entrepreneur and so many people loved and resonated with it. (If you’re not already following me on Insta, I kinda hang out there LIKE A LOT. Not to mention, I hold high vibe live stream parties every Saturday for 9-5 escapees!) So I thought I’ll go a little deeper into each point here.

1| You get downloads from the universe regularly.

What’s a download?

A download is simply an idea the universe drops into your head. You’ll get these downloads in various forms… sometimes you’ll hear voices, see visions, get a gut feeling. But for me, I’m claircognizant and I get automatic downloads that drop right into my head. Imagine an athlete shooting a basketball right into the hoop. Yes, they are that effortless. They come effortlessly when I’m showering and right before I go to sleep probably because that’s when I’m most relaxed.

And that’s the magic here… when you’re here to serve a higher purpose, you just know it. It’s not authority, your parent, or your boss telling you you have to do something. When you’re spiritually gifted and get these ideas and downloads from the universe, it’s a sign that the idea is yours to execute!

The universe gave you these signs, ideas, and downloads because it’s your duty to help them manifest so that you can create an impact through your services!

2 | You find yourself challenging authority like your boss all the time.

Some people like being told what to do while others find it confining and stifling. I fall under the second group. How about you?

If you find sitting in an office every day, tedious, boring, confining and most importantly, a complete waste of your time, you’re probably not meant for the 9-5 life. When the whole 9-5 life was created way back during the Industrial Revolution, it was meant to manage employees because bosses didn’t want their workers to slack off.

But as Penney Peirce puts it, we’re in the Intuition Age now. With social media and all these forms of online marketing, everything moves at a much faster speed. We have way more information than we have time and energy to consume. With social media, communication moves faster, ideas can spread through marketing and live streams instantly, and sales can be made directly on Instagram!

Whatever career or industry you’re in, you probably have new ideas you want to implement every day and the classic top-down hierarchy is just driving you nuts.

3 | Ever since you were young, you knew that you were here to serve a bigger purpose.

Remember when your teacher asked you who you wanted to be when you grow up. What answer did you write down?

I bet you didn’t write down, “I want to slave away for someone else” when you were a child. So really, what did you write down? When I unleashed my soul purpose, answered this question and faced my dreams, I remembered that I wrote down “teacher” in second grade. I use to play make-believe CEO with my sisters all the time. (haha!) Now that I’m a coach and chic girl CEO, that’s close enough. *wink wink

Inside the Unleash Your Soul Purpose 90-minute masterclass, I walk you through a 3 part framework using the WED process to help you unleash your soul purpose so that you can manifest and start a purpose-driven business while impacting thousands!

4| You know that going to work shouldn’t be about making a living, making money.

I get it, we all need to make a living one way or another and pay the bills. But there’s way more to life that just making a living because let’s face it, making a living isn’t exciting. In fact, it feels like work!

And that’s awful. Who wants to work so hard?

I can’t imagine that when I die and my future children writes on my grave, “Judy Louie. The best employee ever.”


Okay, I know that was an exaggeration, but I don’t live for my boss or co-workers. I live for the people I love, my parents, family, friends, and business besties.

I knew that I was capable of much more. I have a higher EQ than most people. I’m a big picture thinker. I want more from life. I want to travel the world. I want to set boundaries with low vibe people. I love nice, luxury things. Quiet weekends in to watch a movie, read a book or meet with my personal psychic. I’ve gone through a spiritual awakening. I’ve escaped a horrible three-hour daily commute to the office and low vibe co-workers. I launched a business and because the first one wasn’t aligned with who I was, now I know how to build a business that’s in alignment with my inner values!

The work I do isn’t only to help me make a living, but by living by example, I also show others what’s possible for them as well.

5| You’re reading this article up to this point!

And if you’ve read up to this point, you’re most likely meant to serve a higher purpose!

Maybe you’re an introvert like me so you’re more introspective…

Maybe you didn’t feel like you fit in with the crowd growing up…

Maybe you get downloads randomly… like everyday…

This isn’t happening by accident. It means you were put on this universe to do more than slaving away for the average boss. The universe didn’t conspire to create you so that you can help your CEO boss live his dream life. If your boss can jet off in the middle of the day and enjoy his life, the dream is also available to you. Because whatever that’s available for others is also available for you!

Do you feel like you’re meant to serve a higher purpose? If you’re ready to manifest a purpose-driven business, I’ve created a journaling kit to help you manifest your dream life and business! Click the link below to grab it!