October 2018 Goals // Finding Balance All Over Again!


It’s been two months since I’ve written one of these monthly goals posts. I stopped them when I realized that I wanted to focus on one area of my life and that was one growing my business. Because I didn’t find balance in my life anymore, I really want to get back on track to writing goals. I’ve started a new way of setting intentions for the new day, but I’ll share that with you in another post.

So let’s focus on this month. What are you up to in October?

I set my goals based on these areas in my life:

  • Body and Health
  • Work, Projects, & Business
  • Creativity and Learning
  • Self help, Personal Growth, and Spirituality
  • Relationships and Friendships
  • Abundance and Finance
  • Fun

I don’t set a goal for every category each month. Some months, some areas require more attention.

Body and Health

I’ve completely neglected my health in the last two months. Hot Cheetos, Hot Ruffles, rice, spicy soups, fried squid balls, boba with jelly and the delicious but dangerous stuff, I worship them all in my tummy.

If you remember, back in July, I wanted to go low on carbs. I was successful at doing that at first. But I broke one habit and it all came crashing down. I started catching this 70-episode long drama (they say it’s the Chinese version of Game of Thrones) and that was the beginning of the end of me. Haha!

One of my bad habits is that when I turn on the TV to watch dramas, I will always pick up junk food to go with it. Chips and TV goes hand-in-hand for me; one triggers the other. Do you find that true for you?

Because I made an exception to eat junk food once, this happened the next day and the next. This eventually even lead me to eat everything I want all over again.

When you break one habit, you’re more vulnerable to breaking more.

#1 I’d love to get back on my low-carb diet this month. This just means if I eat noodles for lunch, I won’t eat rice for dinner. I feel the best when I eat light.

#2 Wear one piece of bright clothing each day. I was waiting for my burger and fries at In n Out (Yeah, there goes cutting on carbs lol) and I saw how wearing red made me such a happy person. Okay, maybe it was the burger and not the red.

During the first few years when I went minimalist, I only wore neutral colors and army green. Last week, I felt so un-ME when I wore those two colors again. I was just waiting for the day to be over so I can try again tomorrow.

Do you ever have those days? Dress for success. Dress to make yourself feel amazing. Dress to make yourself feel like a child again. Notice how you’ll rarely see children wearing black. They are all about their rainbows and unicorns!

When you set the day off wearing a bright and bold color, you’re declaring to the universe, I’m not going to hide today. And really, I’m not lol!

#3 Get dressed even when I’m working from home. I love working outside of my home because home is too comfortable. Also, it has too many distractions. But even when I’m working from home, I like to remember to dress up. It’s such a simple task, but makes you feel completely different. You don’t need to get fancy. Just pulling on a pair of jeans and a nicer top will do. Do your brows and glide on a color gloss. No one will judge you if it’s not perfect.

Will you join me in this one, you lady boss?

#4 Dye my hair and get new bangs. I don’t like to include goals that are too easy to accomplish because it feels like cheating. But last weekend, I was literally calling up all the shops in my area for a quote and no one picked up their phone. How crazy is that?

I’ve been meaning to get bangs for over six months now, but there was just a part of me resisting it. It’s been more than 6 years since I last had bangs because I didn’t like how they looked on me. But I know I’ll be so much more excited to work if I had a new look! Don’t you?

Work and Business

Okay, let’s get to work.

I launched my coaching packages last month so I’ve been mainly working on clients. There are lots to work on and between working with current clients and meeting new clients, it’s been quite a full week.

I’m an introvert so at first, I was really hesitant about offering another service. But since I worked in client-centered roles and sales in my 9-5 anyway, I don’t know how being an introvert makes a difference.

#5 Take on 3 more coaching clients. I’ll love to add at least 3 more clients to my 1:1 monthly coaching package. If you’re interested, answer these questions and I’ll be in touch with you.

#6 Get back on blogging 2-3x a week. When I first started this blog, I published every day to build up the traction, but I stopped in July when I was preparing to launch the Bliss Rituals Workbook. I’ll like to get back to publishing 2-3x a week!

#7 Host a Facebook group community! I totally miss hosting a Facebook group. I hosted one for another blog but ever since starting on this new Sea of Bliss project, I didn’t have time to run that one. People engage so much better on Facebook than on blogs these days. But it’ll be nice to actually connect with people who read this blog on a more intimate level.

I asked on my Instagram Stories and a whooping 60-something% says its a good idea!


#8 Plan my Bali trip. Sometime in August or September, I started to entertain this idea of going to Bali. I don’t know if it’s my love for meditation these days or what, but I went from never having the thought of going to Bali to seeing myself there for my next passport vacation. I’ve been surrounded by a lot of manifestation and spiritual babes over the last two months and Bali is their go-to destination.

You become who you’re surrounded by.

Every amazing event that happens in your life stems from a single thought. I’m ready to make this happen, but when you have coaching calls to make, planning a trip around that is so much more hectic. If I can book my ticket this month, I’ll consider this goal accomplished!

Alrighty, friends, that’s it for this month. After July, I swear that I won’t have more than 3-5 goals per month because I just end up procrastinating when there’s too much going on at once.

But some of these goals are quite small and doable like wearing one piece of colorful clothing each day and getting dressed when working from home.

Also, I already checked off one of these goals before the month even started! Can you guess which one?

I’ll reveal this in next months goals when I reflect on how well October goals went!

Below, tell me one goal you’re working towards! Ready, set, goal!