November 2018 Goals! // I'm going to Hawaii!

tropical hawaii vacation

The month of October was awesome! I hit most of my goals and even joined a coaching program which I didn’t plan on. But when the right coach comes along and it feels intuitively right, you just hand over your money and see where the universe leads you. The program officially starts this month and right after that, I’m hopping on a plane to Hawaii. So stoked! I’ll reveal the details below, but first I’m going to talk about how I did in last month’s goals and manifestations.

Reflections: October Goals

It’s important to take a few minutes to reflect on last month’s goals to hold yourself accountable. And if you didn’t quite hit all those goals, you’ll want to reflect on the why and see how you can be more accountable next month.

I was pretty good on maintaining my low-carb diet in October. Again, as I said, I didn’t really have any benchmarks to measure this. But basically, if I ate carbs for lunch, I would refrain to only eating veggies and protein for dinner. For the most part, I stuck to this, but I’m sure there were some days where dinner was too good and I just couldn’t help. #cheatdays

I wore at least one piece of color/bright color clothing every day! This goal was probably the most fun and I really enjoyed getting dressed in the morning. I’ve been loving yellow and the fact that I’m wearing yellow brightens up my day already! Talk about color therapy. Also, my friends noticed and complimented on how different I looked!

Hint: Dressing for success is an easy way to embody the version of yourself who already has what you want.

My Morning Routine: 9 Morning Habits to Create an Intentional Workday

My Morning Routine: 9 Morning Habits to Create an Intentional Workday

I didn’t really have to get dressed when working from home because I didn’t work from home much at all. I spent most of my time working from coffee shops so I had to get dressed.


I love my new bangs and haircut! This was also the first goal I hit way at the beginning of the month. Woohoo! I was hesitant to get bangs again after 7 or so years of not having them, but the universe made way for all this to happen. It was too easy.

Here is the story. One moment I was watching a YouTube video interview of one of my latest fave actresses. Somehow I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her bangs. Then I remembered that I was meaning to get these crispy bangs for almost 6 months ever since I seeing these two YouTubers have it.

That same weekend I was calling all around town to book an appointment to dye my hair. Most of the shops either didn’t pick up my calls or were fully booked until the following weekend.

I thought I’ll just go back to my former stylist but in another city. It’s hard to find parking there and it can be a little far, but she welcomes walk-ins. Once I saw the YouTube video, I was immediately inspired to hop into my car and drive 40 minutes to get the haircut.

Just before I turned the corner to the street of the salon, I told the universe that I’m looking for an easy and convenient parking spot. And guess what? Once I turned the corner, there was one parking spot -- not two or three but just one -- right across the street from the salon. Parking was not only easy to find in LA, but it was also FREEEE because it was Sunday.

Inspired action all the way!

I fell short on my goal of getting three my clients, but that’s okay. I’m sure things will continue to pick up after joining this coaching program.

I wasn’t exactly diligent in blogging 2-3x a week, especially towards the last week. My priorities were definitely in working with my clients and getting new clients this week so blogging just took a back seat.

It’s official! I started a Facebook group for bliss babes and manifestation! I’ve always wanted to host another FB group since my last biz. You can join for free here!

And the most exciting one for last! I finally locked down my Bali date for March 2019. My coach gave me this idea: things are much more likely to come to fruition when you set a deadline for it.

My October 2018 Manifestations

Starting this month, I’m going to celebrate my manifestations a lot more. When you’re grateful for all the things you have, manifesting new things become much easier.

I remember getting so excited when I started to always get the best parking spots wherever I go. I was so grateful and excited each time. Eventually, this became a norm everywhere I go. And all I needed to do was ASSSKK.

I keep a list of my manifestations on my phone because I’m manifesting things all day long. No manifestation is too small to be grateful for. Here are some things I’ve manifested from the last week:

#1 A gift. This gift turned out to be a bag of cookies that I was looking for. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it at Target or CVS or any American store. A friend dropped it right in front of me one random Monday morning. I remember telling her how much I loved it when I first tried and then I forgot about it. This manifestation was interesting because that morning I actually told myself that I was gonna manifest a gift. I didn’t really know what gift, but I wanted a gift. How sweet that I got it a few hours after I said that to the universe.

#2 A train that came immediately after I asked for it so I wouldn’t be late for my meeting

#3A coaching program with $100 off and extra bonuses! (I’m most excited about this one!)

#4$900 of services paid in full in one day

#5The collection of Florence Scovel Shinn books (4 in total). I’ve been wanting to read her books for a while because I’ve heard so many good things about them. Even though I placed it on hold in the library, I was way down in the queue. That means I had to wait weeks for the books to come individually. I was browsing on Amazon one night and I saw that I could get all 4 for only $9.99! Not only did the triple angel numbers stood out to me, but when I looked over to the number of reviews, it was exactly 1,111! How crazy is that? I knew I was making the right decision. So I went from having to wait for weeks to read the books to having them ALL the next day.

#6 One month of free Amazon PRIME shipping!

#7 A meditation guru who came up to me and said: “I want ALL the things.” That phrase resonated so much with me that I laughed and immediately repeated it after him, “Oh… I want ALL the things too!” It was such a serendipitous affirmation to speak aloud in the middle of the day. It’s funny because I didn’t even know he was a meditation guru until I googled him later that day. I’d like to believe that the universe delivered him to me to remind us that we can really have ALL the things.

There were definitely way more manifestations, but these were only the ones from the last week. Magic is always happening to you, you just have to SLOW DOWNNN and pay attention. That’s why it’s important to take a few minutes at the end of each day to be grateful for all the things you have. This will make way for more to come.

November 2018 Goals

Now, let’s go into the goals for the month of November. I’m cooking up some big stuff for this month!

#1 Hawaii retreat and new challenges! This is probably my most exciting goal for the month! Every year I go on a personal retreat (it’s always out of state).

And this year the destination is Hawaii! This has been a tradition of mine for a few years where I just have “me” time, usually with some new challenges. I decided that I wanted to feel relaxed, adrenaline and freedom while on this trip. I know this probably sounds so ironic (relax and adrenaline), but we’re all walking contradictions at some point haha.

Honestly, I don’t feel completely prepared for this trip since it’ll be my first time driving in a new state and going ziplining.

But ziplining has been on my bucket list for so long that I finally feel like it’s time to cross it off.

#2 Getting 5 new clients at the $1000 package. I’m not sure if I should include getting clients as a monthly goal because this happens every month. Somehow I feel like I should only include new goals for each month to keep these posts interesting.

But friends, 5 is the number of clients for November.

#3 Revamp website. This website is due for a revamp as my focus switch to manifestation and spiritual mindset. For me, infusing spirituality with mindset has resulted in the biggest quantum shifts in my life. It only makes sense to hone in more on this. I’ll still be talking about self-care and self-love because those two ingredients are so important in manifesting all the things you want.

#4 Start a podcast or pick up on IGTV. Towards the end of October, I just had this urge to start a podcast. Part of me just feels like I can’t keep up with so many things. So it’s either going to be a podcast or weekly IGTV episodes. What do you prefer?

#5 Create more accountability and support inside my Facebook group. Although I started my Facebook group, I haven’t created a ton of structure in it yet. Want more accountability in your personal development and manifestation journey? Join here to connect with babes!

Alrighty, that’s it for this month! This will keep me plenty busy this month. I will check in with you on how these goals went next month. Can you believe it’s almost December and the end of the year already?

Have you written your November goals yet? I’ve had girls tell me that my monthly goals posts inspires and reminds them to write their own.