New Entrepreneur Mistakes & How Leaders Think + Act


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I am pouring out my heart out to you in this email. It’s definitely a long email that took me at least an hour to write on 8 pages of a Google doc. But I was journaling and I was inspired to write this...

A few weeks ago, I gave away a few clarity coaching sessions so that I can know the ideal clients I'm serving. Through this, I really got clarity into who I really wanted to serve more in 2019. And trust me, when I first started my business, I didn't want to exclude anyone either.

Now I have a purpose… and I only want to work with spiritual go-getter entrepreneurs who are ready to step up as a leader and serve their clients.

Some people flaked on the call, truly showing that they were not ready to step up as a leader in business.

Once I got into alignment about who I wanted to serve because serving those people lit me up… I realized that there are some things and people I’m no longer an energetic match for.

So in this email, I wanted to share with you the mistakes new entrepreneurs make.


Business is all about serving and a spiritual business is even more so about coming from a place of heart and soul.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in new entrepreneurs is starting a blog or business to serve themselves. All the problems they have is revolving about themselves...

"How can I fund this business?"

"I don't know if this is even worth it..."

That kind of scarcity energy will really rub off on your ideal clients and repel them. Clients aren’t attracted to people who don’t believe in themselves.

Interestingly, when I shifted my business in late 2018, I got an overwhelming number of unsubscribers who were probably not aligned with the energy of spirituality and serving in their businesses.

And that's a great thing. I no longer had to incur the costs of the wrong people on my list.

The truth is... if making money is the only reason you're in business, you won't get too far. You’ll show up to your business every day believing that business is so much hard work. Ideal clients are attracted to good energy and generous souls. When I took a look at the coaches I've worked with and people I've bought from, I've only bought from people who I've had positive energy exchanges with.

What's an energy exchange?

Energy exchange is when there are equally receiving and giving in the relationship. I get to experience their energy on a live stream or blog and get free value before committing buying from them.

I've never bought from someone who was in business for themselves.

A few weeks ago, I put out into the universe that I was looking to hire a psychic. I had my credit card ready to pay so I posted on a Facebook group asking for all psychics to share their YouTube links or some kind of video content. I wanted to see how they channeled their energy before I hired them.

I had numerous replies and most saying something along the lines of, “I don’t have a YouTube channel or podcast because I’m very picky about having high-quality equipment and content. But I only have an iPhone so I can’t put out content…”

So what? So you choose to let that hold you back from putting out any content?

I thanked her for her response, but I knew right off the bat that I wasn’t hiring her.

A spiritual business is about serving others… whether that’s sharing your experiences, being inspirational, encouraging your tribe, etc. Whatever your style is…

If the thing that you’re most afraid of is not having the equipment or you worry that you’ll lose money or that business is risky, you’re not in it for the right reasons. That scarcity mindset will hold you back.


On the other side of being self-serving and thinking only of yourself is the client who never talks about making money. Like they’re in a “hobby” business.

I get it. Most of us are raised to think that “wanting money is greedy” and “rich people are snobby…”

Amongst some other limiting beliefs around money.

I had this client… a very sweet girl who aspired to be a travel blogger. I was coaching her to help her get over her fear of failure and get more clarity on her manifestations and what kind of life she wanted to be living.

When I asked her what she wanted her life to look like, not once did she mention she wanted to make money -- like she was avoiding it. She kept repeating that she wanted to “uplift people” and continue to “lift people up.”

If you have a poor relationship with money… you won’t attract financial abundance into your life. If you believe that living a rich life (not only financially, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) is not available to you, then why would it show up for you?

I spent the beginning of 2018 working through my money mindset and once I let go of what was expected of me from family and friends, I immediately manifested a luxury self-care retreat to Hawaii and a sapphire credit credit with 50,000 bonus traveling points the same month!

Like woah! Why didn’t I work on my relationship with money sooner?

The truth is… if you’re in business, you’re in it to make money. To profit.

There is nothing bad about making money. Nothing unspiritual about money. The only meaning about money is what you give it. If you’re here to lift people up, help people, guide people, empower people (Oh hey, that’s me!), then money is the exchange of energy you get from helping people.


This one held me back BIG TIMEEE!

When I first started, I was so terrified of doing live streams and video so I thought it’s such a beautiful idea to hide behind my blog. I didn’t even want to put a photo of myself online afraid that my family and friends will see it and be like, “Who is she to do this?” And laugh.

When I had enough of this self-sabotage, honestly I was quite sassy about it, “Who are they to stop me? They’re not even living their dreams lives.”

In this digital age when anyone can be an entrepeneur and start a business, people want to connect with people. They want to connect with the real you behind the laptop.

When I was working with that travel blogger client I mentioned earlier, she asked me how she can stand out. My simple answer is… BE YOURSELF.

When there is nothing different between you and the next travel blogger on the Internet, the only option to be is really you. Share your unique stories…

Your upbringing.

Your fears.

Your wins.

Your amazing experiences.

Your personality.

No matter what niche you’re in… all these apply because your ideal client is always looking for someone to connect with. They aren’t looking to buy your products or spend money until they know you two share something in common.

It is those most vulnerable posts of mine that gets the most engagement on Facebook groups. It is when I’m vulnerable and that I still have fears… and that I’m still HUMAN that my ideal clients hit reply on my emails.

What is one thing you can do to be more vulnerable in your business today?


When I work with clients who are new to business, I always want to help them get to know where they’ll like to be and what they like to feel.


Because over the first year of starting my business, I got so caught up with so much busy work and perfecting my website and all… that I completely lost sight of what my dream reality wanted to look like.

Once I got clear about the essence of the life I wanted to live, I felt so much more aligned in my business. I stopped doing busy work and started to work on high-level CEO projects and tasks…

Someone asked me how do I know if I’m doing busy work or doing work that needs to be done… my answer is.


  • Getting that website to look perfect

  • Wondering what plugin to use -- Seriously, just pick one

  • Designing pretty graphics -- Just pick something easy so you don’t stress yourself out

  • Replying to emails from people who only asks you for your time and energy but doesn’t have anything to offer back

  • Wondering what web hosting platform to use -- Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, or God forbid, a free option. It really doesn’t matter… just choose one!

If you really want more assistance on setting up your blog, check out my course, Blog Boss U.


  • Marketing

  • Writing content and telling your story

  • Promoting and engaging on social media on a daily basis

  • Business strategy

  • Sales calls -- booking them, hopping on them, closing clients

  • Weekly calls with my business coach

  • Doing live streams and video because no one can show up in lieu of you

Yes, the CEO work might seem uncomfortable at first, which is why there are so many people struggling to get clients. They’re not willing to get uncomfortable and fully embrace their inner spiritual boss babe.


Finally, you know that I love talking about manifesting on my new podcast. And everything in manifesting the life and business you want is about energy.

So that means what energy you put out into the universe, you attract back.

When you put out scarcity energy, you get that back. For example, if you believe that “business is risky and it’s not worth it…” then the universe received your thought. “Oh great… she doesn’t want it.”

But when you step up and bravely say, “I’m here to serve my clients…” the universe responds and be like, “Awesome! Let’s see who you can help.” Your mind starts to shift to look for those opportunities to help people instead of repelling people that you could’ve helped…

Yes, energy doesn’t spread overnight. Just like I don’t book a new client with every email I send out. But over a series of a few emails, the right clients will notice and be attracted to the energy I put out in each email...

I know that if you’re new to spiritual energy, it might seem a little woo to you. My new podcast talks a lot about following your intuition, energy exchanges, synchronities, and how the universe looks after you every day.

But you have to believe.

And not give up after one day.

Or one try.

When I shifted my business from talking about blogging + productivity + mindset to manifestation, spirituality, and entrepreneurship, I received hundreds of unsubscribes. And I felt so relieved to let go of anyone so that I didn’t have to incur the costs of having the wrong subscriber on my list.

I honestly didn’t care because I’ve been doing this long enough to know who are the ones who aren’t ideal clients from the ones who are. In 2019, I told myself that I’m only an energetic match for….

  • Entrepreneurs who are here to serve, inspire, and share good vibes

  • Entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in themselves to be a lifelong learner

  • Women who fully embrace their intuitive and masculine side to get the right things done

  • Positive and optimistic vibes

I know this was a long email.

If you read till the end, I love you! Hit reply and let me know. Lol…



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