My Morning Routine: 9 Morning Habits to Create an Intentional Workday


Morning routines are the new rad. Have you heard?

Just a few years ago, I didn’t even have a morning routine and I pretty lived my life on autopilot.

But morning routines are the latest craze. They are new game-changers. The are part of self-care. And self-care is huge in manifesting your dream life. Creating the right morning intentions is ultimately the new black.

While I’m kinda obsessed with fine-tuning my morning routine and it’s always changing, I thought I’ll share with you what I do lately. It’s always evolving, but at the point of writing this, that’s how I do it.

#1 Plan your day the night before.

In September, I started to plan my day a different way. In the past, I swore by Trello for my biz, and I still do. But I realized that Trello isn’t the best place to set my intentions. After all, I like stream of conscious journaling and just let my goals for the month come intuitively through writing. So I thought, “Why not write out my daily intentions too?”

It’s never too much to remind yourself again what your far-reaching goals are.

Ever since using my daily intentions worksheet, I’ve been living my days much more purposefully! I start off by writing how I want to feel that day so I flow in that zone. For example, just a few days ago, I felt depleted emotionally. So I reminded myself how grateful I am with all the things I have.

I’m huge on money mindset and I’m working on it 24/7 so the next thing in the journal is to write down how much I’d like to create and add to my bank that day.

Surprisingly, on one day I wrote down $1000 and the next day it manifested! $950+, not $1000 to be exact, but it was so close!

My Morning Routine: 9 Morning Habits to Create an Intentional Workday

#2 Wake up with a gratitude chant while still in bed.

Gratitude is the highest emotional vibration so use it, girl! It took me too long to realize that.

I start the morning chanting gratitude mantras even though I’m barely awake and my eyes were still closed. Gratitude can help you focus on all the amazing things you have while you continue to pursue the things that make you happy. Gratitude will also help you rewire your mind to live in abundance so that you’re always seeking abundance in the universe. Remember, all things begin with your mind!

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#3 Go for a run first thing in the morning.

This one was the hardest one to wrap my head around because I don’t have a natural tendency to work out or even run. I’m just not a physically active person, but I’ve been listening to some Tony Robbins stuff on YouTube and he really hit home when he said, “Motion creates emotion.”

It’s so true. And since we all need emotions to manifest our dream life, I figured “Why not? I can really use the extra boost.” Like vitamins.

Your body feels a shift in physiology when you actually move. You can do stretches or yoga, but I find that going out in my neighborhood for a run boils up those endorphins so much quicker. Once I break a sweat, my mood immediately shifts. I usually do this for 15 minutes -- not so long that I’ll be sick of it and wouldn’t want to do it the next day.

In the past, I usually drink coffee and eat before I run -- and afterward, I wouldn’t want to do it anymore. Definitely go for a run or do some kind of physical exercise before putting anything in your stomach.

It makes all the difference.

#4 Use adaptogens in your coffee.

I’ve been using adaptogens for over six months now and it’s the one habit that I’ve been consistent in for the last six months. It’s probably the only habit on this list that I haven’t missed a single day.


Coffee has been my morning routine for over 6 years now so it was easy to stack on another habit: adaptogens. Adaptogens are just Chinese or Indian mushrooms and herbs in powder form. Think of them like friendly earth herbs. I especially love Moon Juice’s Sex Dust for creative energy and Sun Potions’ Reishi.

I mix and match about 3 different adaptogens with coffee and almond milk every day and it’s AMAZINNNGG! I wouldn’t have my coffee any other way. You can peace out, Starbucks.

#5 Meditate with music to connect with your inner self.

Meditation has literally changed my life. It’s not only a stress reliever and energy clearing process, but it helps me ground myself and see my vision. It took me years to believe in meditation. But guess what? I realized that I’ve been meditating for a long time even before I started doing it ritualistically on a yoga mat with RelaxDaily music.

You’re probably meditating without knowing when you’re doing chores around the house like doing the laundry and cleaning the dishes. I’m sure when you’re doing those things, you’ll rather be somewhere else. It’s just that in this physical world, we have to be seen as actively doing something in order to be considered productive.

Well, meditating is just as productive. When I break my meditating habit, I tend to lose direction in life and it’s easy for the noise out there to take over.

As you meditate, take deep breaths. Raise your eyes so you’re in a state of “hakalau”, or trance. Once you’re in this state of trance, your mind and body is more open to receiving the things you tell it. I like to chant affirmations when I’m meditating. Statements like… “I am…”

#6 Have breakfast.

I can’t really skip breakfast anymore. I don’t know why. In the past, I use to skip breakfast and only have my coffee. There’s no one thing I stick to eating and I usually have bread (I know, I’ve been saying that I want to cut on carbs) on some level. Avacado egg toast has been a favorite!

In the past, I would’ve skipped straight to breakfast after washing up. But you can see that breakfast is actually #6 on this list! By now, my coffee has cooled down and that’s why I brew it up before I meditate.

#7 Stream of conscious journaling.

On some weeks, I’m a hardcore journaler and on other weeks I’m a hardcore meditator. Usually, I’m good if I choose and stick with one. But when I feel like my boundaries have been crossed by clients, family or friends, I do both meditation and journaling.

I release anything else that’s been on my mind, heart and soul onto paper. Lately, after releasing, I realized that I’ve been holding onto some guilt. This was a learning process where I had to re-evaluate my own standards.

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#8 Anchor in your day with a Wonder Woman pose!

I’ve always known that power poses help with confidence and I’ve been doing it unintentionally for years. But when I was taking a workshop with my NLP coach, I realized that this process is called anchoring. You can anchor any feeling you want, but normally we would only want to anchor in good emotions.

If you’re skeptical about this… try standing in a Wonder Woman pose and act as if you were… This is the quickest way to embody the version of yourself who already has what you want to bring in!

#9 Get dressed in clothes that make you feel amazing!

I use to think that I should only wear my best clothes when I’m going out. But nope, that’s just a limiting belief that I’ve created for myself growing up. My mom will always tell us to separate our “nicer” clothes from the clothes we “should” wear at home. Usually, the nicer clothes would be left for going out, events, wedding, etc.

And guess what?

Most of my favorite clothes never get worn enough. I never feel fabulous enough because I’ve still held onto that mentality where you can only get dressed if you were going somewhere special.

My Morning Routine: 9 Morning Habits to Create an Intentional Workday

If you’re alive and happy, it’s already a special occasion. So celebrate it with your best clothes.

If you’ve read my October Goals, you know that my goal is to wear one piece of color clothing each day. I realized that bright colors amplify my mood so I try to add brights, not just any colors.

If you want to be more intentional about the clothes you wear, I show you how to create a minimalist wardrobe in my Weekend Minimalist Workshop. It’s not just about wearing neutral colors like black and white, but to create something that’s fully you with colors of joy!

I’m obsessed with morning routines and hopefully if you’re reading this… you are too. When you start your day with a joyful intention, everything in the universe shifts around to make space for your dreams to come true.

What’s one new thing you’re adding to your morning routine this month?

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