3 Reasons Why You Haven't Manifested Your Desires Yet

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Hey friends!

I know that when it comes to manifesting you can get stuck in the same rut.

I’m back with another post to help you troubleshoot the three reasons why your manifestations aren’t showing up yet.

“Am I not manifesting?”

“Is the universe watching?”

“What if I don’t manifest my desire by this date?”

So in today’s article, I thought I’d share with you the three reasons why your manifestations aren’t showing up yet.

Clear your resistance.

I know sometimes it’s hard to believe that the only things holding us back is actually us! But it’s so true. For example if you drowned in the water while you learned how to swim as a kid, it’s natural that you’ll have some fears and resistance around swimming again as an adult.

As humans, we all have resistance. And the goal isn’t to eliminate and rid of that resistance, but acknowledge that it’s there and you still choose to the higher path.

You still keep on manifesting that chic and carefree life. You keep manifesting your desires. You keep manifesting that soulmate. You keep manifesting that $10k month that you want. You don’t give up because there is resistance.

Because they said, people usually give up five minutes before the magic happens. Resistance is part of the process and it’s your duty to be self-aware when it kicks in.

Acknowledge it. Honor it. And allow yourself to release it.

Believe that you can have your desires.

Sometimes we want things that we don’t believe that we can have. The business that gives us the financial and time freedom to travel the world.

Often times, we see another girl have our dream life and we want it. But we don’t believe it’s possible for us. You must believe!

To manifest your desires, you must believe that your desires are possible. Since your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is false, you need to believe that your desires have already manifested.

Start visualizing today how amazing your life will be if you’ve already manifested! Get stoked because your desires, the dream job, dream vacation, luxury designer handbag, it’s all coming!

It’s your duty to believe, believe, believe!

Raise your vibration to meet your desires.

Your desires always vibrate at a higher frequency, the frequency of joy and love! If you desire to take a trip to Cabo, act and feel like you’re already in Cabo, surfing with the boys and eating tacos everyday.

Soul good, right?

You can’t hate rich people and expect to have money to live a comfortable life with money always flowing in every day. You can’t despise people who take luxury vacations because you’re jealous of them yet expect to live the luxe life.

According to the law of oneness, we are all one and the same. Whatever is available to others is always available to you. So there is no need to be jealous of others. Rather, focus on raising your vibration to joy and gratitude and feel into the energy of having it.

My Raise Your Vibration Workbook will help you elevate your vibration to meet your desires in 21 days! Remember, it doesn’t matter what you desire, all your desires vibrate at joy and gratitude!

A few days ago, I was watching Gossip Girl on Netflix to feel into their rich lives and high vibes. Suddenly, the universe gave me the idea to go to New York, a place I’ve always wanted to visit.

And today, I manifested a $167 round-trip ticket to go from west coast to east coast! I was so shocked at the crazy amazing deal! But here’s the thing… I don’t need to be shocked. Manifesting amazing deals, money, and vacations is my natural state!

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