New goals for July 2018! // Clearing All the Crap!


I set new goals for every upcoming month. I’ve been doing this regularly since 2009. And during the months when I skipped doing this, I find that I either lose direction in my life or life stagnates. If you’re someone who finds yourself all over the place, I recommend this goal-setting practice. You don’t have to share it with the world (I’ve had it private for many years), but when you have them written down, there’s more accountability than to say, “Oh yeah I’m going to do this.”

But you end up not doing it at all.

I set my goals based on each major aspect of my life:

  • Body and Health
  • Work, Blogging, and Projects
  • Creativity and Learning
  • Self help, Personal Growth, and Spirituality
  • Relationships and Friendships
  • Abundance and Finance

But I don’t always have a new goal for every area of life. So for some months, I focus on some areas and other months, on other areas.

So let’s do a little recap for my goals for June before I start talking about goals for July.

#1 Going to bed before midnight and waking up without an alarm - Complete fail. I didn’t do this even once. Not once. On most days, I even woke up quite tired.

#2 Growing this blog to 1000 pageviews/day - Somehow I completely forgot about this goal the moment after I wrote it down. I think part of me believes it won’t happen so quickly. I’m okay with this because I was so focused on another goal.

#3 Meditate for 10 minutes each day - Success! On some days, I even meditated for 20-30 minutes when I had a rough day. I even found a few more creative ways to infuse meditation into my daily life.

#4 Taking Kathrin’s course on manifestation - Success! I love Kathrin so I knew I’ll love her course. I was on track with doing all the homework though I did know at least half of the stuff going into the course. Still, I loved spending time with her in her high vibe Facebook group. I can’t wait to manifest more things this month. I also mentioned this course in my “The Best of June 2018” article.

#5 Master photography for this blog - Success! I’m getting better and better at taking photos for this blog. The biggest block I had was poor sunlight. One thing I learned is that the best photos are taken during the golden hour, right between 6-7:30pm. I can’t say I’ve “mastered” photography for this blog, but I’m definitely getting closer everyday. Because I was having so much fun with photography and Instagram, I totally skimped on promoting my blog on Pinterest.

New goals for the month of July:

Body and Health

body and health

Over the years, I came to realize that everyone should always prioritize body and health. I know it sounds cliche and I probably sound like a grandma saying this, “but really without health you won’t have the energy and stamina to do everything else on this list.”

Self-care was also the number reason I started this blog. Because in pursuing my career and work, I felt burned out and wasn’t enjoying my life the way I wanted.

#1 No TV. This is a big one for the month of July. I can easily slip into a binge or marathon. So for the month of July, I’m saying no to TV besides the one episode I usually watch during dinner.

If I have cravings, I will replace it with a podcast, Youtube video, or some sort of healthy mindfood.

#2 Ab workout. Ever since writing about my health and body goals in my Life By Design: My Ideal Body and Health article, I’ve yet to meet those goals. My goal is to work on having a tight stomach everyday.

#3 Low-carb diet. I find it literally impossible to have a tight stomach if I don’t eliminate some of my bad eating habits. So I’m cutting out some snacks, particularly chips. I plan on replacing chips with crackers, which are only slightly better -- at least in the carbs category.

But these crackers are baked and whole grain, which is still better than fried chips. I feel like if I went slower and eased my way in, I’ll enjoy the process and journey more than if I just banned myself like, “Okay Judy, no more chips for you.”

Imagine saying that to a child. Yeah, I think my inner child will cry too. Haha.

#4 Get my ears repierced. My ear holes has closed off because I didn’t wear earrings for a while. Definitely getting them pierced again.



I started my spiritual journey unintentionally way back around 2010 when I was going through a tough time in my life. Over the years, spirituality was an on and off thing for me. And I realized that during the years I stopped practicing it, I started to lose my state of bliss and happiness.

#5 Do one energy healing session. I never thought of hiring a coach, but I had this random idea when I was driving to Target. Target is 5 minutes away from my home and I take the same route every week (sometimes I even go twice a week). I’ve never noticed this sign before, but randomly I saw this sign that says, “spiritual healing” in front of a house.

And before I knew it, I started searching on Yelp for energy healing sessions two minutes later.

So for the month of July, I’ll love to do at least one energy healing session. I feel like there’s only so much you can do yourself and between personal development books, courses, journaling, and meditation, I’ve tried it all. There might be some conversations that only an intuitive healer will understand and that family and friends can’t.

The price and the fact that I’m a private person does hold me back, but still, I’ll like to put this on my goals list and see how it goes. Lol.

#6 Meditate for 20 minutes a day. If I can do it for 10 minutes a day, I can do 20 right?

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#7 Clear out the “crap” every morning. I had this idea of, “What if you started each new morning like it’s a brand new life?” Literally, this thought just popped into my head.

What if you let go of everything, every resentment, every bit of anger, every bit of sadness and just started fresh everyday?

I know this is easier said than done, but I’ll love to not carry on any negative energy from family, friends, customers, or clients from the last day. This would truly be bliss.

Creativity and Learning

creativity and learning

#8 Finish two books. I have this habit of starting a book but never finishing it. Even worse, I use to have this habit of not starting a new book unless I finished the first one. For the month of July, I’ll like to finish reading at least two books.

Work and Projects

work and projects

#9 Work in the park at least once a week. I’m such a homebody and sometimes I just like the comfort. But I love connecting with nature too and I get lots of ideas when I’m outside.

#10 Create a new digital product. I love creating digital products and I’ve created several for my other blog. The only reason I haven’t made this a priority is because between publishing content, Instagram, Pinterest, I already had a lot on my plate.

I’m thinking of a small digital product for self-care or habits.

Final Thoughts

I know this seems like a lot of goals, but I have confidence that I can make half of them happen. It helps when you mix goals that you know will happen for sure with some a-little-hard-to-reach goals.

What are some goals you have for the month of July?

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