Is the Law of Attraction "Too Good to Be True" (aka Too Convenient)?


Is the law of attraction "too good to be true?"

One of the biggest objections I hear from people who don’t believe in the law of attraction is, “Wow that’s just too convenient.” People believe that they are so right and that things work in a certain way for sure because that’s how everyone does it. Or that’s how it’s always been. So it must be right. We have to work hard for success. We have to work hard for money. The more we work and the long hours we stay at our work desks is a sign that we’re working HARD.

So we’re so reinforced with this mindset that hard work equals success. Our parents tell us this because that’s how they’ve lived their lives. Our boss ingrains that into our heads because that’s their reality.

You can attract money and your dream life simply by thinking positively? Is that too convenient? Have you ever had those thoughts before? Is the law of attraction really too good to be true? #seaofbliss #abundantmindset #abundance #lawofattraction #manifestation

So when you hear this mumbo jumbo on the law of attraction that positive thoughts will help you attract a positive life, you don’t believe it.

It’s too convenient. It’s impossible that’s going to work for me.

It’s too good to be true. “Only if it were that easy.” The grumpy version of you probably had that thought before?

I know I had.

But here’s how I got over it… why would I not want life to be difficult for me? Why am I resisting convenience?

In fact, I want life to be as easy as possible for me.

Just think about all the people who you’re surrounded daily who makes life difficult for you. The spouse who just can’t see life your way. The tiny liquor store down the street refuses to accept credit cards or if they do, the minimum charge is $20. Do you really want life to be difficult for you?

How come when it comes to customer service and family, we expect happiness and things to go our way. But when it comes to our work and biz, it’s this dreadful “I have to work hard” mentality?

After all… you go and grab McDonald’s on nights because it’s convenient. You don't need to cook. You save time. And you get your Big Mac and salty fries in five minutes.

It’s the same when you text a friend. I had this conversation with a friend a while ago and asked him, “Do you even call people anymore?” He said, “Nope. I just text. It’s convenient.”

As millennials, we love convenience. We want things fast. We want things now. We love simplicity. We love it when we can have what we want when we want it. We place one order on Amazon and it arrives the same day or within 48 hours. We expect convenience in all areas of our lives.

So how come when it comes to the law of attraction, we resist positive thinking? Why do we think that “feeling” your way to success is too convenient? That it’s a bad thing? Like if we want success, it has to be this hustle and bustle thing, slamming tables, pitching ourselves every day, etc. Like pleasure cannot = success and money.

Of course, we have to take some action along the way. But do you resist feeling good about working, success, and money because you’re programmed to think that you need to work hard for it?

You have to suffer, bend down, roll all over, and say “yes” to please everyone about everything to be deserving of it all? Maybe you do need to shed blood and sweat to make yourself feel good about earning money?

Or do you?

Of course, hard work and hustle will get you to your clients, travels and dream life too. I can’t help realize that on some days and weeks, I’m totally in hustle mode for the next clients.

But what I love is knowing that there is a higher power co-creating my reality with me. That by thinking positively, I’m only focused on the positive and what I want to attract. And because of the law of attraction, I can say “no” to anything that doesn’t serve me.

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Remember, I’m only focused on what I want so it’s easy to not even notice what’s not serving me.

The law of attraction uses feminine energy to manifest and I believe that with self-love and light energy, all the things will be brought to you. Sure, on some days, I still work hard and longer than other days. But I make sure that I blend self-love into my work. I need to love my work, what makes me feel good, and feels aligned with my highest self. Otherwise, I don’t really bother with the next strategy if it doesn’t feel good to me.

I’m bringing up this because I’ve been asked in FB groups this:

“Do you believe in the statement "too good to be true"? What does this statement bring up for you? I have heard it a lot lately!”

And here’s what I said:

“When I was younger, this statement meant all the good stuff will never happen to me. It's just that at that time subconsciously I didn't believe I deserved all the good things. So when I was younger, I believed in the statement 'too good to be true" because I just didn't believe those good things will happen to me. I'll be surprised if it did. But these days good things are the norm for me so I don't believe things are "too good to be true." I'll get excited and feel the amazingness of what just happened, but I'll know I'm on the right path when good things are happening to me.”

When you have a win, celebrate it. Feel light about it. Feel that this is your norm and thank the universe, the client or whoever brought you what you wanted.

Life is meant to be lived in happiness and light energy, not stress, hard work and forced energy. At the end of your life, will you say, "I'm so glad I stressed out so much and worked myself to the core"? Or will you say, "I lived a fulfilling and calm life and even though there were some tough times, light always showed up to show me the way"?

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