Intuition for Beginners: How to Listen to Your Intuition


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you only listened to your intuition? It’s that inner gut feeling that tells you something feels right or doesn’t feel right without logical reason. Many moons ago, I started learning about this practice called listening to your intuition. So today we're going to talk about intuition for beginners. I was surprised that one of my former bosses praised me for using my intuition at work. You know… in school, they never tell us to use our intuition, only our logic.

When I go on dates with new guys I’ve just met, it’s the gut feeling that tells you what they’re going to say. I’ve literally asked this one guy a question and answered it for him. He said, “it seemed like you just pulled that thought exactly out of my mind.” Suddenly, I felt like I had unlocked this amazing new magical power of mine.

Then there was another time, I was traveling with a friend in Asia and we stumbled into this village where our Google maps wasn’t working (Totally a first world problem, but hey, getting lost is a pretty big deal, don’t you think?). She asked me, “Is your inner guide telling you that we should go in a certain direction?”

This is what people call your intuition. Growing up, most people have been told what to do and how to act. Through listening to my intuition (some call it your inner GPS), I started to wonder what kind of world we’ll live in if we were never told what to do? If everyone tapped into their intuition, how will they move forward with their lives?

So today I’m going to share five tips that will help you listen to your own intuition.

#1 Listen to your intuition by letting go of fear.

Many people go through life making decisions based on fear. I’m not calling you or anyone out because I’ve definitely made a fair share of decisions based on fear.

While you can’t completely let go of fear. I do believe that you can overcome fear by becoming more courageous. When you’re more courageous, you’re more likely to let go of the external noise and the so-called advice that people are giving you.

Ultimately, it’s hard to listen to your intuition when you’re guided by fear. Every time you feel like you’re making a decision because you’re afraid something bad will happen, stop and breathe. Ask yourself, “If I really had a choice what will I do?”

#2 Listen to your intuition by practicing gratitude daily.

This goes hand-in-hand with letting go of fear. If you’re never practice gratitude, you won’t believe that the universe has your back. As a result, you’ll be living with a lot more fear than someone who is always grateful for everything she has.

When you’re grateful, you believe and when you believe, you’re more likely to tap into your intuition. On the other hand, when you’re always fearful, do you ever sense that there is a wall that’s blocking you from experiencing your inner self fully?

I use to think that gratefulness is one of those things that you just know so you don’t have to practice it. Until I heard that people actively practice it with a gratitude journal. I personally don’t use a gratitude journal, but I do write in my journal about the things I’m grateful for when I need a release.

If you feel like your gratitude tank is weak, try investing in a fun gratitude journal that guides your grateful thoughts daily.

#3 Listen to your intuition by making small decisions with your gut.

If you’re going to listen to your intuition, you’re going to have to start somewhere. And the best place to start is with the small decisions in your life.

If there is a random moment in life where you’re slightly unsure of and there are no concrete directions, use your intuition. For example, your phone GPS died on you and you’re not sure if you should turn left or turn right. Open up yourself to your inner guidance.

I’ll recommend listening to your intuition on the smaller, harmless stuff first. Once you see that it works, you’ll begin to be more confident is using your intuition.

Even till this day, there are days when my intuition is sharper than others.

#4 Listen to your intuition by asking yourself, “does this feel good?”

Remember how I said to practice gratitude and let go of fear if you want to follow your intuition? When it comes to intuition and listening to your inner guide, you truly want what’s best for yourself.

So when you’re making an intuitive decision, the number one question is to ask yourself, “Does this feel good?”

If it doesn’t feel good or feel right to me, I usually abandon the idea. You don’t want to make an intuitive decision if it feels forced or feel like you’re trying to please someone. That benefits no one.

#5 Listen to your intuition by following the first answer that pops into your mind.

That’s your subconscious mind at work. We have millions of thoughts popping in and out of our minds everyday. So some older thoughts and experiences are left in our subconscious. But when you have an urgent decision to make, sometimes your subconscious “just knows” based on past experience and without any logical reasoning.

Do you ever feel like you have moments like that?

For example, back in elementary school I remember a teacher telling us to just go with our first answer when we’re taking a test. Of course, he didn’t tell us it was our intuition at work, but I think that’s what he meant.

Also, another benefit of being intuitive is that you can skip to conclusions way quicker than someone who purely uses logical reasoning.

I hope these five tips can help you tap into and listen to your intuition. Like everything else in life, it takes some practice and strengthening of our intuitive muscle. But once you start getting use to it, you’ll become a more decisive person. Sometimes if feels like you can even read someone’s mind!

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So you've been hearing about this inner voice, inner guidance and GPS that can help you make decisions for your life. But how can you follow your intuition? #seaofbliss #intuition #personalgrowth #selfhelp #selfdevelopment #spirituality

Intuition for Beginners: How to Listen to Your Intuition #seaofbliss #intentionalliving #healthyliving #intuition #spirituality