3 Ways to Hustle Less and Create More Flow in Your Life

divine feminine flow

Hey girl! I’m sitting at a cafe right now getting into my flow state. I enter my flow state when I’m surrounded around high vibe and chic people. It’s one of those cafes that inspire you to travel and dream big.

On one of the walls, it says “Dream, Discover, Travel.”

And so I did.

But this is what I mean.

When I’m at this cafe, I’m in my flow state.

And our flow states might be different. Your flow state is different from mine.

The average drink here is $6. For some, this flow is expensive. For others like myself, I love this feeling of luxe where I know I’ll be surrounded by high vibe girls and their designer bags. Everyone looks Instagram-worthy here.

So today, I’m going to share with you three tips to create more flow in your business and life.

#1 Make the decision to enter flow state more.

This is the number one way I tell my clients. Most of the time when you’re hustling to hard in your work or your life, it’s because you haven’t made the decision to create more flow.

You keep putting it off because you feel like hustling will get you farther. Following experts and authority and doing the “right thing” that you’ve been told is easier that enter your creative, divine flow state.

Hustling is when you’re willing to do whatever it takes to hit your goals. There is nothing wrong with that. I always admire the girl who is willing to go outside of their comfort zone to hit their goals. That’s how you grow after all.

But what if you stop what you’re doing today so that you can spend 1-2 hours in flow state? If you had the freedom to create your life, daily routine, work routine, and even your skincare routine, how would you do it?

What is the number one thing you’d like to do today if you didn’t have to follow how things had to be done? What’s your inspired action?

The magical thing about flow is that this flow is going to be different for everyone. Yours in different from mine. And this is what I help my clients do. So go on dream a bit.

#2 Take breaks to work out and move around.

When I started working on my mindset a few years ago, I always felt like something was missing. I’ve made the mindset shifts, but I wasn’t feeling motivated to take the inspired action.

And so nothing changed in my life.

And it took me a long time to figure out what I was missing. It was because I wasn’t excited. My body wasn’t excited. And the quickest way to get your body excited and to move in alignment with your mindset shifts is to work out or move around.

You can do anything. From contemporary dancing to hot yoga. Just break out a sweat and let those endorphins pop. Yesterday, I went to a hot yoga barre class for the first time and it was the fastest I’ve ever moved in a long time.

1, 2, 3, 4, and 5…. The yoga instructor was so motivating!

When you break out a sweat, you sweat out the toxins in your brain. Ironically, it’s also the quickest way to get divine downloads from the universe instead of waiting around for a sign.

I get tons of spiritual downloads when I’m doing yoga. Yesterday, while I was at the peak of my barre session, I received a download. As I was making a lunge to step my foot forward, I saw a rainbow right in front of me.

I saw that as a sign that I was on the abundant train!

#3 Get aligned with your desires.

Everyone loves to be in flow. So get aligned with your desires! Eyes on the prize, girl!

Whatever you are manifesting, keep focusing on those desires and it’ll come true. Feel into your manifestations. Feel into your desires. The money that you’ll like to receive. The clients that you’ll like to receive. The dream job that you’ll like to have. The high vibe, like-minded friends that you’ll like to call in.

Whatever makes you feel on cloud nine.

I once had a client who told me that she doesn’t want to have any luxury in her life. And while that’s fine, when you’re manifesting in your own lane, you want to focus on those desires and what you ACTUALLY want -- not what you don’t want. Your subconscious mind doesn’t understand a negative.

These are the exact mindset strategies and freedom shifts that I work through with my 1:1 VIP clients to help them live the chic and carefree life.

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