5 Undeniable Benefits of Journaling Your Thoughts Everyday


Journaling your thoughts is one of the most common daily routines for stress relief, get your emotions out and aligned with your higher self among other benefits. I’ve been being a loyal “journalist” (not that type haha) for about a year now and it helps me stay honest and accountable to myself. So today I thought I’ll share with you five undeniable benefits of journaling your thoughts everyday! Journaling isn’t this huge or grandiose concept or activity. It simply means opening up a notebook and start writing your thoughts and feelings. Some people like a little bit of guidance so they prefer a gratitude journal or some other journal with pre-written prompts. But you definitely don’t need anything to start journaling.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what journaling is, let’s get into the benefits of journaling your thoughts everyday!

#1 Journaling your thoughts will let you notice your own self talk.

It’s so important to monitor your own self talk. Perhaps more important than you think. Often times, we just go about our day talking to others, but we never stop and sit down to think about the relationship we have with ourselves.

When you’re talking to a friend, there’s a relationship going on between the two of you. This relationship can be kind, sincere, genuine, happy, or something else. Try to think of a friend you talk to often; what word will you use to describe your relationship with them?

Just like your relationships with your friends, you also have a relationship with your inner self. But because this relationship is less physically obvious, you probably don’t know that you’re talking to yourself. Every moment you’re experiencing life, you’re interpreting a situation, or you’re telling yourself to do something, you’re engaging in self talk.

If you have positive self talk, this manifests into actions and the life and reality you create. Likewise, if your self talk is negative, that manifests into your life too.

Whether you like your current reality or not, journaling your thoughts everyday can help you discover your self talk. Thoughts are fickle and they come and go so quickly that you might not even remember them happening. Journaling your thoughts will help you dig deeper into your beliefs which create your self talk.

#2 Journaling your thoughts can help you sort out your emotions.

Another reason I write in my journal everyday is simply to dump all my thoughts on paper. Sometimes, dumping them on paper is a way for me to organize my thoughts. Other times, it’s for me to get it off my chest.

When it comes to dealing with our emotions and brushing off stress, you might feel that it’s helpful to talk to a friend or a therapist. I’ve never tried therapy even though it’s such a common thing among millennials today. But I personally don’t enjoy discussing my raw and unfiltered emotions with my friends because it can be too much negative energy.

My friends are great, but I know I don’t enjoy soaking other people’s bad vibes. Likewise, I try to limit showing stressful vibes in front of others as well. Journaling really helps me get in alignment with how I feel.

When you’re trying to get emotions off your chest, start writing down the problem. Don’t try to avoid the problem, but acknowledge it instead. Then ask yourself, “Why? Why am I feeling this? Why do you think you’re feeling this?”

Keep asking yourself “why” and you’ll eventually get to the bottom of this. Sometimes, these feelings can be resolved. Other times, it takes a bit more patience.

Relieving stress and getting down to the bottom of your emotions is another benefit of journaling your thoughts.

#3 Journaling your thoughts can give you content ideas.

I know not everyone reading this blog is a blogger or content creator. But if you are, journaling your stream of consciousness can bring about many surprises -- one of which is content ideas for your blog!

I know it’s hard to get good content ideas especially when you’re either new to blogging or when you’re in a creative rut. Journaling can help you unleash all the thoughts and experiences that are hidden in your subconsciousness. Sometimes all you need is a small reminder.

Did you get a transformation from one of your latest experiences? Any transformation that’s big or small is worth a blog post. In this case, you can use journaling prompts to unleash your inner badass stories!

#4 Journaling can help organize your thoughts.

I’m an INTJ and I’m always creating new mental models in my head. I guess this comes with being an intuitive. Once you’re in a new situation, you develop a new mental model just for that situation. As a result, I have hundreds of different mental models for different scenarios.

But that quickly gets overwhelming in my brain so I need to write it all out. Writing and note taking has always been my way of remembering and learning. A former co-worker even asked me, “Why are you always writing stuff down?”

There are no rules to organizing your thoughts. How you organize your thoughts is how you see the world. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Organizing your thoughts is another benefit of journaling.

#5 Journaling your thoughts can help you get aligned with your higher self.

I love getting aligned with my best self because that’s where my potential unleashes and possibilities manifest.

For this purpose, I usually like to use journaling prompts to help me access my higher self and unleash my desires. Do you ever feel like living the day to day life stifles your own personal growth?

Sometimes all it takes is some sacred time to yourself so that you can access your inner badass. Don’t get too tied up in the day-to-day things that you forget to live or plan for the life that you want.

Getting access and alignment to your higher self is a huge benefit of journaling. You definitely want to try this one!

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5 Undeniable Benefits of Journaling Your Thoughts Everyday #seaofbliss #intentionalliving #journaling #healthyliving

5 Undeniable Benefits of Journaling Your Thoughts Everyday #seaofbliss #intentionalliving #journaling #healthyliving

You've probably heard of the benefits of journaling. Here's 5 benefits of journaling that I've seen over the years. Click to read | #seaofbliss #journaling #journalingprompts #personalgrowth #reflection

You've probably heard of the benefits of journaling. Here's 5 benefits of journaling that I've seen over the years. Click to read | #seaofbliss #journaling #journalingprompts #personalgrowth #reflection

Take Action

After reading these five undeniable benefits of journaling your thoughts, I hope I got you excited to try out journaling. Journaling has absolutely no rules which makes creating possibilities and dreaming your potential super fun.

I know journaling without rules can be a little weird the first time. You’re not sure where to start -- or even if you should start at all. So to make your first journaling experience even easier, I’ve created a list of five journaling prompts for soulful starters. Simply enter your name and email to get access to it.

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