7 Tips to Start Becoming More Mindful Everyday (For Beginners)


Have you heard of those long-winded morning routines that some spiritual gurus have? Like that 3 hour morning routine where you do the whole shebang: running, meditation, yoga, journaling, burning incense, and everything under the sun. Crazy right? (No offense if you have a 3 hour morning routine though. I’m sure it feels good if you have the time for that). Unless you have a ton of time on your hands, let’s be real, most of us don’t have that kind of time, right? Thankfully, you don’t really have to do all things healthy for three hours every day. Becoming mindful can be really simple -- and believe it or not, it’s the ability to start and do it consistently that counts. That means you’re better off doing it consistently everyday than to spend 3 hours on a morning routine once a week and forget about for it for the next 6 days.

Many of us simply goes through life day after day without being consciously aware that time is passing by. If you’re someone who likes to look back at the past or worry about the future, mindfulness is the practice you want to cultivate.

Becoming mindful will help you bring your mind back to the present, be present, stay present and be more grateful in the moment. I’ve personally noticed so many benefits of becoming more mindful and staying present:

  • Better breathing
  • Being more grateful for what I have this moment
  • Making more decisions out of intuition and see what happens
  • Knowing that this moment is the only moment that matters because this is the only moment you have power over right now
  • And much more...

And these seven easy tips for becoming mindful for starters are so easy that it seems like you’re cheating almost!

#1 Acknowledge you’re not always present.

Not a lot of people, friends, and family will call us back to the present if we’re always feeling nostalgic about the past or worrying too much about the present. So the key here is to acknowledge that your mind is somewhere else and not present. Not try to defend yourself, “But Judy, I have legit reasons for worrying…”

Nope. Zip it.

Once you acknowledge it… you become more open to the idea of becoming mindful.

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#2 Wear earplugs to cancel out the noise.

I discovered that this hack by accident so you most likely won’t read this anywhere else online. I bought earplugs for the first time when I needed to focus more but there were noise around the house.

Nowadays, I have a set of earplugs EVERYwhere I go. I meditate on the go or when I’m running between errands.

If you want to become more mindful and focus on the here and now, earplugs will cancel out all noise so you can work in a room with people. Sometimes I realize that just having earplugs on will automatically help me get into my creative flow even when there is no surrounding noise.

#3 Follow a guided meditation.

If you’re new to meditation and don’t know where to start, it’s best to start with a guided meditation. Guided meditations are when someone walks you through taking deep breaths, letting go, and reminding you the basics of inner wisdom.

I know it seems like simple common sense, but if you’re someone who is prone to worrying too much, having anxiety or always having a go-go-go mentality (the latter is me), guided meditation will keep you more accountable.

Honestly becoming mindful is a simple practice and it’s one of those “back to basics” kind of thing that you just forgot because life has gotten too busy for you.

I love Headspace for guided meditations, but sometimes I download random ones onto my iTunes playlist as well.

#4 Meditate to a soothing song.

I know there are full playlists for meditation on Spotify, but I haven’t delved into that yet. On a whim, I pulled up an old favorite soothing song and started meditating to it while I was on the metro one day. I love meditating to Leona Lewis’ “Better in Time” song because the words “better in time” are affirmations to me -- meaning everything will get better in time.

This gives me peace of mind when I’ve given my all to what’s happening to me at that moment.

Any song will work as long as you vibe with it.

#5 Be mindful throughout the day.

Whether you’re taking time to drink water, take deep breaths, or quietly meditate throughout the day, spread it throughout the day. I love the idea of morning routines, but mine is super simple. I wake up and:

  • Stretch
  • Light some essential oils (I love tea tree oil to purify my space every morning)
  • Wash my face
  • Put on makeup
  • Drink one bottle of water before I have coffee

And that’s it. It’s not this long-winded ritual that I do that takes up 3-5 hours.

It’s important to keep in mind that just because you had a morning routine, it’s going to be guaranteed that you’ll have a fabulous day. So instead, I space out my mindful practices throughout the day.

Lately, there are a few practices I started doing because it just felt right and it’s what I needed.

Every hour or so, I’ll stop my work and put my hand over my heart to breathe. In the past, I’ll normally just take a few deep breaths. But upon chance, I started breathing with my hand on my heart and I secretly love this. It reminds me that I care about how I feel and that I should continue to make more decisions where I follow my heart (and not my hustle).

I love drinking various Yogi teas and stretching throughout the day too.

When you’re becoming mindful and learning to stay present, it’s much more effective to take short 5 minute breaks to check in with yourselves. Now that I’ve become more attuned to this practice, I can’t imagine ever doing a long-winded morning routine.

#6 Journaling.

Journaling in a simple college-ruled notebook you have lying around the house is the surefire way to release any negative energy or grateful thoughts.

Sometimes you can’t tell everyone everything that’s going on in your mind, but you still need a release. Well, friend, your journal is the place to do it where there are no judgments, no limits, no restraints -- only freedom of thought and flow.

I journal almost everyday because there’s some things I’ve been trying to work through. This week I’ve been trying to work through my chakras -- and that has been about the most depth I went in on myself for a while.

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#7 Stretch on your yoga mat.

Do you ever see women carrying their yoga mats around like it’s their ride or die? That is swag to me. I bought one a few years ago, but never really dived into doing yoga. I only did simple pilates.

Lately, I’ve been doing stretches on my yoga mat. And just the act of doing them on a yoga mat makes me feel great. It feels less lazy than doing them in bed and more ritualistic than doing them standing up in the middle of a room.

Okie dokie, that’s it for today. I hope you gleaned a few tips and tricks about becoming mindful from this article. Don’t forget to keep me updated on your journey to becoming more mindful too!