5 Mistakes to Avoid When You're Trying to Escape the 9-5 Jail Quickly

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You’re going into your day job on Monday, wondering when you can finally escape your 9-5 once and for all. You feel like your voice isn’t heard in your day job. You’re underutilized. You feel like just another body without a soul.

When new entrepreneurs start a new business online, they make these common mistakes. Now, I’m not pointing fingers at you because frankly speaking, I’ve made all of these mistakes at some point.

1| You listen to expert after expert and wonder why you can’t replicate their results.

How many people’s blogs and email lists are you on? And how many hours each day are you consuming content?

The amount of blogs and content out there these days is ridiculous. When I moved my blog from Wordpress to Squarespace, I had to unpublish some older, irrelevant posts so I only attract the right clients. Because frankly speaking, I don’t want to help everyone with their mindsets. I’m only energetically available to work with ambitious women who are looking to escape their 9-5, step into their inner girl CEO and launch their business online!

Not women with anxiety.

Not people who think mindset is about meditation and mindfulness.

Definitely not everyone and their grandma.

Remember, you can follow ALL THE EXPERTS and still not get results. Because you’re not being paid to follow people and consume content. You only get paid when you sell and when people buy.

2| You take course after course, yet you wonder why your following, traffic, and sales aren’t growing.

If you’re spending more time learning than implementing, this is a huge mistake. If you feel like you need to learn everything before you start your business… here’s the thing. No one knows everything… not that 6-figure entrepreneur or millionaire who seems to have it all together. Everyone is figuring it out as they go. Like Marie Forleo says, “everything is figure-out-able.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely taken a fair share of courses that’s gotten me average results at best. Not to mention taking courses require your time and energy. These days, I’ll much rather work with a coach and get her undivided attention on all the areas I need help with!

3| You spend your time doing busy work rather than revenue-generating work.

With my private coaching clients, I see that so many people are either not taking action or they’re working on a bunch of busy work. Busy work as in…

Spending 3 months to create a pretty website.

Writing blog post after blog post and not getting anyone to read it.

Starting a blog and taking 2-5 years to see any growth.

When in reality, if you’re trying to escape the 9-5, your goal is probably to replace your day job’s income as quickly as possible. Rather… a savvy entrepreneur spends time on creating offers, promoting those offers, and getting those offers in front of their ideal client.

4| You’re working like a horse employee in your own business.

If you’ve been making all the mistakes above, then you’re probably doing this one too.


Because only someone with an employee mindset would be following expert after expert, taking course after course, and doing a whole bunch of busy work that a CEO girl boss will probably hire an employee to do.


And if you’ve been doing that, then you’re probably operating from an employee mindset.

5| You don’t have an irresistible offer.

Let’s face it… you’re in business. If you don’t have anything to offer, then you’re not in business.

You can write blog post after blog post and it’ll seem like you’re not gaining any traction. And your business will seem hopeless for you.

But ask yourself, do you have an irresistible offer?

Here’s the truth… if you don’t have an irresistible offer and if you’re not selling anything, you’re not in business. You need to have something to sell in order to make money. Otherwise, you just have a hobby.

We all make mistakes and it’s okay if you’ve been making these mistakes. But moving forward, what are you changing up?

Judy Lescape the 9-5