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Hi, I'm Judy!

If you’re reading this, you’re mostly a high achiever or visionary looking to start your coaching business or expand into greater levels of financial abundance!

I'm a witty, intuitive and badass old soul, multi-passionate coach, host of the Judy Louie Podcast, spirit junkie, and I was born under the water goddess sign, Aquarius. The beach is my spiritual place to be and I'm currently obsessed with tropical getaways, carefree luxe vibes, and only working 5 hour days. I love all things psychology, girlboss, spirituality, and magic!

For years, I’ve dreamed of wanting the freedom I have today but until I hired a coach to guide me through that, my CEO life was nothing but a dream. Over the last 6 months, I've invested over $20k in my own personal growth to upgrade my reality and went from overworked employee to the CEO of my life. Today, making $10k months is easy!

It is my desire to help you heal, grow and empower yourself to become the CEO of your life and make aligned decisions that come from the soul. I make life and business easy by helping you get into soul alignment and harnessing your soul energy to expand into greater levels of financial abundance, including $10k months!

I'm the creator of the "Soul Success" method where I help my amazing clients create creative, financial, location, emotional and time freedom in their lives. I create digital course experiences that heals and empowers my amazing clients and modern free spirited soul sisters all while making it immersive, fun and life changing!

I believe that life is short and it is our duty to create and live it in a way that inspires us.