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I’m an Intuitive Mindset Coach. I've been working on my mindset and manifestation game for almost 10 years. Woah?!!

In 2011, when I was in one of my lowest points in life, I met the Dalai Lama who awakened me to embark on this spiritual journey to manifesting a life of freedom.

But one of my earliest signs of manifesting was when I was seven... playing make-believe CEO with my sisters. I've always knew that I could live a life where I traveled with my designer bags and had supportive and ambitious AF girl friends. And voila, 20 years later, this CEO lifestyle manifested to fruition!

It totally feels like magic right?

And it is!

A few years ago, I was working a soul-crushing 9-5 job with a restrictive boss and had a three-hour commute. Lo and behold after my work and my commute, I was exhausted and had no more time left for myself to live the life I want. The chic and carefree life where I can travel with my Balenciaga and Chloe bag 3-4x a year, staying at 5-star hotels, ziplining across tropical land, snorkeling with sea turtles in the Cabo blue waters didn't seem possible back then.

But using my manifesting method, I was able to turn my then-boring life around. And in the past 6 months alone... I've been able to manifest a shit ton of lovely things, experiences, and people...

  • VIP membership at a modern luxe hot yoga studio

  • My favorite yoga instructor

  • Self-care retreat to Hawaii (including an amazing ziplining experience, upgraded hotel experience with a water view)

  • Dream high-end clients ($3000+ per client and up)

  • Soulmate coaches

  • Ambitious, chic, and spiritual AF friends

  • Monday massages on the regularly

  • New gold, portable Macbook for traveling

  • New radiant skincare routine

  • Brand new Cali girl wardrobe + shopping at Nordstrom regularly!

  • New eyebrow stylist!

  • Free and the most convenient parking spots everywhere I go in crowded and busy LA

  • Higher qualities like courage, self-love and happiness!

  • Meet the Dalai Lama in real life!

  • A soon-to-come and overdue Europe vacation

And whatever your heart desires, it's all possible for you too! You may not desire what I desire, but after manifesting a luxury life... I can promise you that you can use the same method to manifest whatever you want, the dream job, the profitable business, the soulmate, $10k months, etc.

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