I use to feel like my voice never counted. Like I was not living my own inner truth, but someone else's. My parents. My friends. My bosses.


In college, I developed a blocked throat chakra temporarily because there was a huge lump in my throat. I couldn't speak authentically. I couldn't articulate what I wanted.

On social media, I constantly felt like I was comparing my life and business to others. If I didn't have that Instagram perfect lifestyle, I wasn't living a good life at all. Or if I didn't use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, webinars, or an email list, I won't be successful.

At my first full-time job, my boss said, "Judy, we aren't going to do that." Once again, I felt like my ideas didn't matter.

When I told my mom about my biz, she thought I was being absolutely ridiculous. "There is no such job where you can work with that kind of freedom and travel whenever you want."

When I decided that enough was enough...

I cut off social media for 1.5 years. Unfollowed everyone on Instagram. And Facebook.

During one of my lowest points in life, I met the Dalai Lama who came to speak at our school.

I let go of everything and everyone who didn't serve me. That didn't contribute to my growth. Highest self. Happiness. Freedom.

And all this started my journey of spiritual growth.

Happiness is a choice I make every day.

Traveling means a lot more to me than just tourism. It's a time for soul-searching and self-care retreating for my highest self.

I've met similar spiritual entrepreneurs friends who are absolutely like-minded.

I receive inspirational downloads from the universe all the time.

I know the universe has my back.

I share my inner truth on social media EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

And I help my clients live their inner truth as well.

But it was only because of those difficult times and moments like my inner truth didn't matter that there was an opportunity for the best to happen.

Be grateful for all the things that happened to you because everything is happening for your highest good.

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I’m a Mindset +  Success Coach. I empower spiritual entrepreneurs to step into their NEXT LEVEL YOU, start and grow a business that’s aligned with their inner truth so that they can live a creative, free, and rich life!

I’m a dreamer, planner, and doer and it’s no coincidence that I currently use two planners AND Trello! I’m always dreaming of my next traveling destination with an emphasis on the exotic island views and acai bowls. I use to play make-believe CEO when I was a kid and see what I do now? This manifestation stuff works… like magic!

A few things that I’ve manifested into my life:

  • A soulmate coach

  • $600 of magic money in a matter of 5 minutes for being myself! (one of my favorite stories)

  • A coaching business!

  • Self-care retreats to exotic islands like Hawaii

  • Online bestie

  • Free and the most convenient parking spots everywhere I go in crowded and busy LA

  • Higher qualities like courage, self-love and happiness!

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